Oh my.

Can you imagine it? Children as young as 7 years old — obese?

Adolescents, who are supposed to be in the prime of their life, active with physical activities and such — obese?


Sadly, that is the situation not only in Malaysia, but around the world as well. This global phenomenon certainly has dire consequences on our future generation, and our future as a nation too.

Obesity is not a health problem in itself. What is scary about obesity is that it affects various other organ systems and compromises the length of your lifespan.

And the scary truth is, it is currently affecting even children and adolescents.


For my subject “Physical Education — Organization of Sports” we had to do journal article reviews and give a personal response to them as well (seems to be a rather popular task in the Faculty of Education, eh?)

The three articles that we were supposed to work on, I chose on the topic of obesity. There were numerous articles on that topic and I even discovered one (to my surprise) called the Journal of Obesity.

Wow. Can you imagine? A whole journal dedicated to the issue and global epidemic of obesity.

Which proves how serious a problem it is. >.<

This is a simpler assignment where we had to review 3 articles and give short responses in a total of 5-6 pages.


I learned a lot on obesity from this assignment. And again, dealing with e-journals from the library’s databases was something that was getting more and more familiar, although it was as tedious as ever.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot through this assignment — about obesity and writing short reviews and summaries and giving my response to it 🙂


Read on if you want to have a look !

Journal Article 1: Boutelle

Journal Article 2: Ozturk

Journal Article 3: SR Daniels

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