I didn’t have any classes today, but I was expecting my 2 Gem and 1 Best to be handing in their books—quite a number actually. 2 Gem was supposed to hand in their Grammar&Vocab, and journals, while 1 Best was supposed to hand in their Writing books, and journals as well.

So I was happily thinking to myself that, finally, I would have some marking to do! (Weird, I know. But I wanted to have a go at it, since Sun has been busy marking. I, however, haven’t had a chance to mark books yet because my students were not sending in their books to be marked >.<)

Anyway, the day was almost over and I was anxiously waiting for my students to pass me their books. It was almost the last two periods of the day, and still there were no books?

I went for relief in 2 Perdana (it wasn’t really my relief, but I was doing a favour for one of the teachers who suddenly “had to go somewhere” =.=) and passed by my beloved 2 Gem. I was dismayed to see that there were just as few students in the classroom as there were the day before, and they were just sitting around chatting, with no teacher in sight. I stopped by to talk to them.

The poor things seemed bored out of their mind! “Boring la Cikgu, hari ni belajar BM je.” So many teachers were not around, and the students are the ones who suffer. It feels a bit pointless to come to school :/ Anyway, when I reminded them to hand in their books, only 2 students handed in the two books I wanted, a third only handed in one. Again, I was exasperated. When I asked why weren’t the rest handing theirs in, there were a million and one excuses. Tak bawa la, Lupa la, Tak siap la. >.<

I told them that I was going to punish them next week. Not Monday, luckily for them, since Dr. Melor will be coming to observe me teaching then. So, probably, Tuesday. Tuesday I was going to make them stand outside the classroom, I told them. “Ala, Cikgu. Tak nak la. Berdiri kat luar, macam mana nak belajar?” Hm, all of a sudden they’re so eager to learn, is it? @.@

As for 1 Best, I am disappointed, yet again. I caught two of the girls from 1 Best in the staff room, and I asked them where their books were. They came back later to hand in about 5 or 6 students’ books.

5 or 6 students.

If that isn’t really clear, let me help you: OUT OF 29 STUDENTS, ONLY 6 HANDED IN THEIR BOOKS.

I guess that 15-minute lecture they got from me the other day had no effect whatsoever. >.<

Can you imagine? Since I started teaching this class 3 weeks ago (not including school holidays), I have yet to receive more than 6 students’ work from the entire class of 29? And they are supposed to be the better class! And to think I wasted all my breath scolding them the other day!

Now what am I to do? What can I do to make sure this does not happen again? Should I punish them severely? I think I am going to make them stand. Stand during my class until I feel like telling them to sit down. Do you think that will work? Or will I just have to get used to the fact that my students are just not going to hand in their work to me T.T

Well, another alternative is to make time in my lesson for them to complete everything and to paste them into their books, immediately. During my class. Which means that I will have to carve out some time to go around the whole class and check that they have their books and are pasting the handouts I gave them, there and then. Which means I will have less time in my lessons.

What a waste of time, don’t you think? @.@ But I may have no other choice. 😦