Received a nice shocking surprise after assembly this morning.

I have a new timetable and it is effective as of immediately. Yes, IMMEDIATELY.

Goodness, you should have seen me running around like a headless chicken. I was so lost! @.@

Well, basically, this is the sitch: the teacher who was on maternity leave will be back tomorrow, officially. So the admin has already assigned us our new classes, since Sun and I have been taking 4 of her 5 classes since she’s been away. We can’t have her back with no classes to teach, right?

Sun was given 2 Form Four classes to teach, and Pn. Koh was kind enough to give the better classes–the first classes of the Sc and the Arts streams.

I, on the other hand, seeing as how I’m so petite and all, was thought better to remain teaching the lower secondary students. Prior to this, I had one Form 2 class, 2 Gem, and one Form 1 class, 1 Best. After the reshuffle, I am keeping 1 Best, but lost 2 Gem to take on 1 Bakti, the best class of Form 1.

So, this means that I will now be teaching 2 Form 1 classes, the first two: 1 Bakti (or 1 Buck) and 1 Best.

This also means that I will no longer be teaching that problematic bunch of 20 rowdy noisy boys of 2 Gem.

Yet, strangely, I felt a little….saddened. 😦

It feels really odd to say this, but I will miss those boys. And what I hate most is I was never really given proper time to say goodbye. I had thought that I would have time this week, or at least today, to do so, never expecting that the timetable would begin effect immediately after the assembly.

All I managed to do was pop into 2 Gem when there was no teacher in class to tell them that I will not be teaching them anymore. I got a few, “Haa?”s and sad faces, but the rest, I guess, were pretty much indifferent. It didn’t matter. I will still miss teaching them, somehow. At least a few of them. And to think I had some rather fun activities planned out for them this week. I even had all the handouts and worksheets and letters photocopied! (They might just go to waste now T.T) I can’t believe I was actually looking forward to teaching them. @.@

I hope they will do well under their new English teacher, and put what I’ve taught them to use. I wish them well, each and every single one of them. Even *Zaki 😉

I wonder if they’ll miss me?