My first class with 1 Buck today. I was actually quite nervous. I was thinking to myself, “Alright, this is my chance to get it right the second time. I have to be firm, and strict. Otherwise, they’re gonna climb all over me again!” @.@

So, in the hour leading up to my class with 1 Buck, I was pretty antsy in the staff room. Couldn’t really concentrate. Kept fidgeting even as I was planning lessons for the following week for 1 Best. Kept having to go to the washroom, just so I could walk around a bit. I couldn’t really sit still. Which is ridiculous, seeing how anxious I was.

But when I finally made it to the classroom, right on time—there was nobody there.

I checked their timetable, and it was supposed to be BM. Strange, where can they have gone? If it were Science, maybe they were at the labs. But for BM? I hesitated, but then left my things to go up to the Language Kiosk on the first floor, just to see if they were there, for some reason.


It was 2.00+ pm when my class was supposed to have started at 1.50 pm. So yes, I was even more anxious than before. @.@ Thankfully I ran into them returning to the classroom. I asked them where they’d gone, and they replied that they were at the library, which is something they do for every BM lesson. @.@ I wonder why!

Anyway, it took them a while to get settled—they thought that I was the relief teacher! =.= So I told them, very clearly, “I’m going to wait and see how long it takes you to get settled down,” and–would you believe it?–there was a quick scramble to their seats, and then it was silent.

Wow. Never had that before!

I told them that, first off, I was not their relief teacher and I will be teaching them English from now on. I set down all my rules—what I didn’t like. Like, not handing in books, not bringing their books, and most of all, what I reaaalllyyyy can’t stand—a  bad attitude. Respect your teachers, respect your friends, and take your learning seriously. That’s all I need.

Wasn’t too bad! They were pretty silent the whole time I was giving my “new teacher speech” and they nodded and responded, “Yes” when appropriate. I was feeling quite optimistic.

Then we played a quiz! I wanted to see how their basics were, so I tested them on Subject-Verb Agreement, and spelling—words that I’d taken from either their text book, or the Word List from the English KBSM syllabus for Form 1. And yes, I used my new invention, the cellotape coin, for this quiz as well, much the same as what I’d done with 2 Gem once.

You can tell immediately that this was a better class. They were able to answer the questions on their own, without much input from me. Seems that their basics is quite alright—or at least for those who came to the front to try out. I did try to test them, by trying to make them doubt themselves, which some did, but only temporarily. They were all able to give me the right answers in the end. 🙂

As a tie-breaker for the two groups, I asked them to spell “rendezvous”. haha~ I know, I was mean, cos this is a really tough word. It’s an English word borrowed from French. One boy actually asked me if I was speaking Chinese! @.@ And yes, none of them even knew what it was! They couldn’t spell it at all! So I had to think of another word to replace that one, and I eventually asked them to spell “residential”, which isn’t exactly ideal. Much too simple for their level, don’t you think?

Still, I taught them a new word: rendezvous. Hopefully they remember it! 😉

Good class today. And even though I ended slightly after 2.30 pm when they were supposed to finish, they did not just stand up and wish me without my first finishing my lesson proper. Unlike my 1 Best. So that is a good thing.

But then again, this is only the first class. I won’t be surprised if their true colours emerge eventually, several days down the line. >.< (Let’s reallyyyy hope not T.T)

Now that I have two Form 1 classes, I will attempt to get them at the same pace. Teach the same topics, do the same activities. But maybe for 1 Buck I may give less scaffolding and guidance, and see if they can do it on their own, give them a little bit more of a challenge. I will need to allocate more time for 1 Best for the scaffolding part.

Will be looking forward to reading 1 Buck’s journals. 😉