Apparently, the nazir are inspecting all the schools in Putrajaya this week, to see what the relief teachers do in the classrooms they are relieving. So the Principal actually talked to us and asked for all the teachers’ cooperation to actually carry out some teaching when in a relief class. If your area is Geography, maybe teach the students Geography. Either that or, instill some moral values, discuss issues etc.

Honestly, I think that’s a little much to ask of a relief teacher right? @.@

I mean, I groan and moan every time I see the kak from the office carrying the relief slips to be dished out like punishments, and I only teach 10 periods a week. What about those teachers who are teaching 20+ periods a week, and they get relief classes too? Isn’t it tiring to have to teach then, too?

But then again, it’s because we teach only 10 periods a week that we get so many relief classes every week >.< Just today, I have 3 already. And it’s extra tiring, now with this new policy in place, and especially after the Principal mentioned it specifically. So when I enter classes like 3 Perdana, or 5 Gemilang (weak classes) I teach English now. Very simple basic stuff, stuff I’ve been teaching the F1 and F2, like Subject-Verb Agreement. And you’d be surprised at how little they really know.

I was actually veryyyy surprised with 5 Gem. The SVA rules I was teaching them, seemed seriously foreign/unfamiliar to them! I wonder how they survived their almost-five years in secondary school without learning the very basics of grammar?! @.@

Anyway, also veryyyyyy ganjeong about the Choir. This Saturday, we’re performing for the Hari Anugerah Cemerlang—two patriotic songs: Dirgahayu and Sejahtera Malaysia. I’ve been staying back with them for this whole week, and last week as well, since I’m in charge of training them. I didn’t know much, and they already had a very capable leader/conductor/pianist, so I felt that they didn’t really need me.

It’s only after more than a week of practices that I know a little bit better the harmonies and the songs, and therefore, I was of some use, and could help teach and revise the melody parts. 🙂 But suddenly, I found out today that there was a rehearsal, and Choir would have to practice on-stage. Andddddd that the Principal would be there! >.<

Yikes! Cold sweat! Seriously! @.@

Anddddddd then *Safina told me that their designated Choir conductor backed out at the last minute, and she would be playing the piano, so could I become the conductor instead?

OMG. =.=

I don’t mind, actually. But I thought it should be a students’ performance; why should I be involved? But it really seemed like there was no other choice. Every other voice was needed to sing, and I was the only, well, expendable character, I suppose! xD

Am really nervous about the Choir performing this Saturday. Truth be told, I think many of them are veryyyyyy shaky. Occasionally-sing-off-tune shaky! So at certain times, they sound good, and suddenly, they’re completely off! @.@ I just hope that the heads of the school and the VIP guests might either be not musically-inclined enough to notice, or think that it has to be some technical error instead. Aheh. 😉

Anywayyyyy, I managed to talk to Aina yesterday. And things went quite well, I guess. She was very confused as to why I had called her up to meet with me. As in, she was genuinely confused. I told her I was very concerned for her. And then I talked to her some. About how her life is not “boring and stupid”, and that she is a veryyyyy talented girl! 😀 That she is still so young and that there are soooo many more things to experience in life! And how all these problems she’s facing, could maybe just be obstacles and hurdles for her to overcome that will make her stronger. And wouldn’t it feel absolutely FANTASTIC to succeed despite these hurdles? 😀 I asked her to picture herself one day holding her PMR results, her SPM results, and being able to look back and realize she’s conquered and survived all this, and can look forward to her future. Maybe as a graphic artist/designer? Who knew? Not doing so well in “class subjects” does not mean she is a failure. She can certainly succeed one day 🙂

Then I gave her the job of coming up with comics for the class English notice board. I told her she could get the comics from any English newspapers, but the characters could be her self-drawn anime ones! 😉

Hopefully I got through to her, and she will feel better, somewhat 🙂