A full two periods with 1 Buck today. A few of my students, who are involved in Choral Speaking, actually told me that I seemed very strict in class, which was why the class was exceptionally quiet the other day.

Me? Strict? @.@

I really must have done something right that day 😀

Anyway, I was wondering if I would see their true colours today. But so far, not too bad! 😉

I combined two of 1 Best’s 1 period lessons to make for 1 Buck’s double period lesson today. It’s the Past Tense Spelling Rules lesson + Dialogue lesson. They were responsive, and quite cooperative. And they are definitely better students than 1 Best and 2 Gem. They could tell me more of about Past Tense verbs that were irregular. Andddddddddd I added something that I did not work on with 1 Best—Rule #5 Irregular Verbs, which was divided into two types: 1) those that are changed completely, and 2) those that remain the same, even in the past tense.

They were able to tell me put and cut are some examples of irregular verbs that remain the same! 🙂

But when I asked them to act out, most of them seemed rather shy and hesitant to come to the front! I think 1 Best would have more volunteers, if there was more time. Still, I managed to make all of them come to the front and act out the dialogue.

Still, there were a lot of grammatical errors that I did not expect them to make >.< I have to keep reminding myself that although they are in the first class for Form 1, they were not streamed according to their English language proficiency. So I had to expect a gap in this class as well. @.@

It wasn’t too bad a class 🙂 But I was quite upset to discover that most of their books are still with their former English teacher, Pn. Kartini. So all the work I gave them today could not be done straight into their books, but on pieces of paper. I hope they don’t lose it! (Pleaseeeeee let it not be a repeat of 1 Best) >.<

Tomorrow, I’ll be planning to do the News Report class that I did with 1 Best yesterday. I warned some of the 1 Buck kids in the Choral Speaking group that they would be punished if they didn’t bring the news reports, and that I had already made 1 Best stand at the back of the class when they didn’t bring them. They were quite shocked to hear that. @.@

In fact, I had reminded them to bring the news reports today, and even told them, yet again, that if they didn’t have English newspapers at home, they could always find them online and print them out. And, that their journals would be due tomorrow.

Let’s just see if they are better than, or just as bad as 1 Best! 😉

But tomorrow morning, there’s also going to be the full rehearsal for Saturday’s Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. I am afraid that it might affect my class with 1 Buck, since tomorrow is such a short day. And since I have to be the conductor for the Choir group, I can’t actually leave the Choir students to be on their own during the rehearsal and enter my class.

If it does affect my class, then I’m going to have to postpone the lesson. Then everything between 1 Best and 1 Buck will be out-of-sync! @.@ If I can carry out tomorrow’s lesson, then I can have 1 Best and 1 Buck at the same pace, which makes it easier for me to plan. They will only be behind on the Literature component—the short story Flipping Fantastic. But if the rehearsal cuts into my English periods with 1 Buck, then next week is going to be a slightly bigger headache to plan T.T

It’s doable, I know. Just a little bit more difficult than it has to be, or could be :/

Hopefully I get to enter my class. I want to see how 1 Buck fares! 😉