Although today is a short school day (Friday), it feels like an extremelyyyyyyy long one! @.@

I knew there was going to be the full rehearsal for tomorrow’s Hari Anugerah Cemerlang program, but I was hoping and hoping that it would end early so I would be able to enter my 1 Buck class to teach.

Turned out, it did finish juuuuuuust before my class with 1 Buck, but unfortunately, the entire Form 1 had to go for a briefing on the latest Oral Test system called PBS (Penilaian Berasaskan Sekolah) that was going to be implemented in April, beginning their batch. Even I am not so well-versed in this area, seeing as this is a new system and I’m a new teacher and all :/

Therefore, I could not carry out my lesson. Which means that it will have to be postponed! Oh, no! 😦

However, rehearsal today went on quite alright. They were able to remember when and how to bow, how to exit. But I was not too happy that most of them weren’t really smiling. :/ I think being able to smile and convey expressions with your eyes, and not just your body movement, is important in Choir. And my star “smiler” didn’t smile today! I don’t know why =.=

Nevertheless, the singing was….okay. Sure, a few parts were off here and there, but overall, I think they did a very good job. Hope we don’t mess up tomorrow! @.@

The rest of the day was just boring waiting, waiting and waiting. It involved only the students who were receiving awards tomorrow, which included quite a number of the Choir students. But the rest were only involved in the Choir performance, and therefore, the rehearsal thereafter did not really concern them. But when I asked the teachers-in-charge if I could send my Choir kids back to class, they said No, hold on first, because there was going to be some announcements after the entire program was over, and that there might be a second round. (Which seemed highly unlikely, now that I think about it =.=)

So I told them to wait, as was instructed. We waited for HOURS only to be given announcements at the end that did not concern the Choir kids, and to be told to go back to class, with about half an hour to spare before going-back time >.< The poor kids are so tired and bored. But what to do? :/

I sent them off for the day. I didn’t think it was wise to get them to stay back yet another day till 5.00 pm and to go home completely exhausted, and then find out that they’ve lost their voice the following day, when it counts the most! @.@ So I told them to go home and rest and to meet back in school on Saturday at 8.00 am at the First Floor Canteen to possibly warm-up and put on a little bit of make-up 😉

They are all so nervous, they’re so cute 😀

I really hope things go well tomorrow 🙂 All the best to my kids! 😀

Anyway, with regards to 1 Buck, I still was expecting their Journal books to be handed in today. And guess what? Out of 24 students, only 6 turned in their books =.= Well, I won’t blame them completely, since today was a rather odd school day, and they had spent the entire day in the Multi-purpose hall for the briefing. Still, I had hoped that they would have completed their work and only needed to hand them in. @.@

Well, too bad for them. I guess I’m going to make them stand in class! :/ (To be fair, I did already warn them, didn’t I?)

Oh, btw, I got some very um, “exciting” news yesterday. Sun and I will be two of three teachers who are to follow 80 students to PWTC for the Ministry’s “Jom Masuk U” program—on Sunday morning.


I guess I’ll be missing church this week, again 😦

Sighhhhhh. My entire weekend is gone. I was so glad that the school took cuti peristiwa on Monday. So I thought, even with Saturday’s program, I’d basically still have my two-day weekend. Now with this PWTC trip, my weekend’s practically gone 😦

Which is a shame; I had several interesting plans for the Form 1, but now that I’m pushed back a little bit, and my weekend is completely filled up, I may not have enough time for the preparation before the lesson! @.@

I was thinking of asking the students to make Road Safety badges, since we’re on the topic. I may need to buy quite some supplies, and prepare a lot of things before I can give the materials for the students to create their own badges. And with my weekend gone, how am I going to prepare everything?

I thought it would be an interesting activity, that could also help those whose talent and interest is in drawing, you know? I would give them manila card pieces cut out into badge shapes, and they could decorate them, and then I might give them safety pins to stick onto the back so they could pin them onto their uniforms. You know, badges that say things like, “I Look Before I Cross,” “I Always Use the Zebra Crossing” or something like that. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Plus, they’re only Form 1. They might enjoy this activity, more than an older class would. Right?

But I need to buy the manila card and cut them out ready for them, and buy a whole load of safety pins and tape. @.@ Would I have time to do all that with what little time I have left???? >.< I guess I could try?

Anyway, hope tomorrow’s program goes well 😀


p.s: I got quite a number of comments from my students telling me how pretty I looked today. I was little surprised, really. Cos I didn’t exactly dress up more than usual :/ I think it’s possibly because I’m closer with the students now, so they are more brave to tell me what they think 😉 Enjoy!