Sun and I were requested to accompany the school counselor, Pn. Hafizah on a trip to PWTC with 66 Form 5 students for the annual “Jom Masuk U” Carnival today.

Yes, which meant that today, I woke up early again—6.30 am T.T (Thank God tomorrow’s a holiday! Otherwise, I would cry! T____T)

Reached school just in time and spotted the two Universiti Tun Hussein Onn buses that were waiting, along with the students in their multi-coloured uniforms. (I think I never mentioned that in this school, prefects wear yellow, PSS prefects wear orange—yes, orange @.@—and the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya wear purple. So, multi-coloured. Right.)

Sun and I were in one bus while Pn. Hafizah was in the other. It was pretty uneventful, easy trip to go along with. These were, after all, Form 5 kids. They were pretty able to take care of themselves. All we teachers had to do was do a headcount in the bus and make sure they were all ready and waiting before the bus came to take us back.

No biggie. 🙂

Pn. Hafizah is really nice! Sun and I had a chance to talk to her today, a teacher we’d never really met before. She was extremely friendly and really made me feel at ease. It was so easy to talk to her! And, unlike a lot of other teachers, she actually made us feel included. She’d tell us what was going on, for example, one of the Form 5 girls had disappeared with her boyfriend somewhere in PWTC and had to be found before we could head home.

(That was pretty much the only excitement we had. @.@)

I appreciated the fact that she, Pn. Hafizah, let us know what was going on. She told us what had happened, and that we would be waiting for that one girl to be contacted by her friend. Most other senior teachers might not feel it was necessary to tell us that, since, they are more senior and they’d know how to handle it. What would we, practical teachers, know about this? But she informed us anyway. Which is really nice of her! 😀

About the girl, I think it was really silly of her to disappear with her boyfriend. If she had wanted to come to PWTC just so she could meet up with him, I didn’t think it was that big a deal. After all, they were free to go to makan places and others after they’d gone to the Carnival. But of course she had to come back with us, in the bus. She couldn’t just go off on her own with him! The school was responsible for her. If anything happened, we’d be in trouble. @.@

Pn. Hafizah said that on Tuesday, the Principal just might have a chat with her. And that her name would possible be blacklisted from any other future field trips/programs, just in case this happens again. And, also to scare other students and prevent this sort of thing from happening again. >.<

Very reasonable and necessary, I must say. :/

But I doubt I would have felt that way when I was their age, and in her situation. I guess, now being an older, more mature person, and a teacher at that, it certainly changes the way you think!

Anyway, had a good time going around all the booths asking for materials/brochures/pamphlets for the school’s Bimbingan dan Kaunseling room. Came back carrying soooo many bags filled with stuff and goodies. Gave most of it to the school, of course. But kept some of the freebies—there were so many pens, notebooks, calendars, etc. I just had to keep them! Sorry 😉