Today, I was going back and forth between keeping to my lesson plan, or making a last minute change for 1 Buck.

It was supposed to be the Literature lesson that I did with 1 Best that was such a disaster because the students were restless and bored with the lesson.

I had planned to do a simple silent reading-discuss-d0 exercises lesson with them, chapter by chapter. I want them to read silently and try to understand, then we’ll discuss by me asking them questions and testing their understanding, then doing the exercises in the textbook. However, these steps are repeated as we go along each chapter, so it could get a little routine and boring. But I felt that there were benefits to this routine, one of which, being that they are each given time to silently read and understand first, which is important.

However, it was quite a disaster in 1 Best. So I was thinking of changing it up a little. Make each group work on a chapter, then get them to present in front of the class to the rest. It’ll definitely give them something to do. However, I think that is a little too high-level, even for 1 Buck. They would be pretty lost as to what to present without a structure. I supposed I could give them one, but it is difficult to form one standard one because each chapter talks about different things. Unless I do a chapter per lesson. But I can’t be spending 2 periods on just one chapter, could I? 12 weeks! They’ll never finish then! @.@

So, in the end, I decided to stick to the lesson plan. I was also curious to see if it really was my methods, or the students that caused the lesson in 1 Best to be a disaster.

It went quite alright, I think.

Sure there were one or two who weren’t paying attention. But then again, they were often caught not paying attention anyway. But comparatively, 1 Buck was more responsive and cooperative. They tried even though they gave wrong answers. But for me, even when you give wrong answers, it still means you’re trying. And I could always tease them and get the class to loosen up.

It’s when you don’t respond to my questions and talk about other things that really gets me annoyed >.<

Lesson went relatively well, I think. Not as bad as with 1 Best, for sure.

I may, however, choose to change things up a bit. Maybe go a little slower; do two chapters per lesson instead of 3.

btw, Don’t think it’s too much for a double period lesson. First thing, it’s a GRAPHIC novel (read: comic) and each chapter is a mere 4 small-book pages with lots of pictures and few words. Which is why I planned 3 chapters in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Including discussion and some exercises.

Not too bad class today. Thankfully. So obviously, I cannot do the same thing for 1 Best then. I must do it differently, but am not sure how. :/ Will try to figure it out by this weekend so I can prepare next week’s lesson plans. ARGH. Quite a lot of things to do. I have to send my thesis to be bound soon, as well! @.@