Finished up the 10 who were not able to complete theirs yesterday. Was slightly better today.

However, I was not very happy with the delay because, since there was sports again in the morning, my 2 period lesson was reduced to a one-hour one. So I have even less time for today’s lesson proper, even more so with the continuation of yesterday’s lesson at the beginning of today’s lesson. So, in the end, I had only about less than half an hour for today’s lesson.

After explaining what they were supposed to do for this PBS evaluation, I actually went through the dialogue with them and demonstrated how to pronounce certain words clearly, and the right intonation to go with them. I made them repeat after me, as well.

But, as usual, there were some paying attention, some not :/

I got angry with them again, because they were restless and giving problems every few minutes. You scold one, another one does something else. You scold that one, and another one does another thing! >.< It’s maddening and exhausting! T.T

They can just walk from one end of the class to the other while you’re right in front straining your voice to explain things to them. When you question them, they just answer, simply, “Dia panggil saya.”


Your friend calls you and you’re supposed to do what he says? What about what say? No walking around during the lesson! Why don’t YOU listen to THAT?

And just after I got that boy to sit down, another just gets up and does the exact same thing.

OMG, what is happening?! I am so tired of scolding. Or am I just supposed to close one eye and allow all these things to go on in my classroom? What? Seriously, what am I supposed to do? >.<

It is so difficult to control this class. In the midst of my explanation on the PBS evaluation, I can hear so much of talking and whispering and giggles that it’s realllyyyyy hard to concentrate. So I started scolding, and would you believe it? I could still hear talking in the background. So I really SHOUTED this time, just so I can hear the silence—to know that it’s actually possible to be this quiet, but that the students are just plain disobedient.


And Aswad. Gosh, Aswad. I don’t know what to do with him anymore. He’s a smart mouth, a chatterbox, a clown, and he ENJOYS the attention he gets. The class LOVES him. They think he’s freakin’ hilarious.

Well, let me break it to you, Aswad. You’re one of the rudest, most disrespectful, annoying, smart aleck rascals I have ever met. Yes, I admit that you are funny sometimes, but that does not mean you can get away with doing anything just to earn the laughs and approval of your classmates. You make me soooooo mad I wish I could just give you one big WHACK! on the head and make you see what a fool you’re being in my classroom.

I realize that he’s cooperative only when he wants to be. Then, the rest of the time he just says and does whatever he wants. He’s always ready with a comment after anything and everything that you say, just to make the class laugh. It’s not that I don’t allow laughter in my classroom (hello, sometimes make jokes for them to laugh at) but when I’m serious, please be serious. Especially since I’ve already given prior warning and instructions. FOLLOW THEM. Don’t just do whatever you want because you think it’s funny.

For example, for today’s PBS, I have to evaluate them on their ability to “read texts aloud with the proper pronunciation and intonation”. They were given a dialogue and asked to work in pairs. Now, I had already instructed the class that they are allowed to change the names of the students in the dialogue—Osman and Wong—to their own, but for everything else, they need to retain them because, as it says on the worksheet, I have to evaluate their ability to read the text aloud. I don’t really want spontaneous dialogues or their own original lines, because then, I will not be able to evaluate their ability to read texts aloud. When they create their own, they’ll be making grammar errors etc. which I do not want. So I told the class: change the names, but not anything else.

Of course, our dear Aswad thought it would be funny to just add things in. He read out, “I’m from Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor” when there was clearly no “Selangor” in the text.

I understand it was a small addition. But I really disliked the fact that he was not taking the entire presentation seriously and that he just had to defy me and not follow instructions when I specifically said not to change any part of the text besides the names.

I made him re-do his part and said that I was not going to pass him until he took this seriously.

ARGH. I am really so angry with this boy! >.<

I am upset with the entire class, actually.  Every single lesson, even though I come in, take a deep breathe, and start anew, they manage to make me angry EVERY single lesson. Four days this week already, including today. >.<

I don’t feel like entering this class anymore.

I wish I could do that. 😦