I had a simple lesson planned for 1 Best today—to write and make a simple get-well card! πŸ˜€

It’s part of their PBS evaluations, being able to write wishes or greetings. So the situation given is that a friend met with an accident and has a broken leg. They’re supposed to complete the get-well card in the worksheet. It just says:

Dear ___________,

I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I hope _____________________. Sincerely, __________.

So simple!

So I decided to discuss with them and come up with more sentences that they can write. For example, “I hope you get better soon/I hope you feel better soon/I hope your leg heals quickly/I hope you recover quickly.” Would you believe that one of the students, Sheikh, actually came up with the word “recover”? πŸ˜€ Really good!

Then another, Aina, asked if she could say something like, “Don’t do dangerous things on the road” (since the friend met with an accident). I thought it was a very good idea to add in possibly, some advice. Maybe, “Next time, you should be more careful/You should not be so careless next time.” Which is great! πŸ™‚

Then finally, they should end with something like, “I hope to see you in school soon!” I saw some writing, “I miss you!” as if it were a real classmate! xD

After they were done filling in the blanks, I decided to add something into the lesson. I thought it would be nice for them to make actual get-well cards. I bought coloured paper, got them cut into halves and gave each student one piece. Then they would copy the message that we had discussed earlier, into the card and decorate/design it however they like.

Wow, they seemed to really get into it! πŸ˜€

As I walked around the class, there were some very interesting designs, and some who were very creative! Some, you could see, were really trying very hard and putting in a lot of effort into making the card—even Nash! πŸ˜› I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I need to do more of these hands-on activities with them. They don’t seem to like writing/reading tasks. Maybe more of these arts+crafts thing.

Too bad it’s only during the last 2 weeks that I notice, and have more time to do these kinds of things :/

Anyway, initially, I had planned making the actual get-well cards as a just-for-fun kind of thing. But seeing some of their really creative and awesome cards, I thought it would be good for them to hand their self-designed cards in to put into their PBS files. Wouldn’t that be great to show as evidence of their work? πŸ˜€

Of course, they don’t have PBS files yet, and so I’ve been keeping all the worksheets they’ve done so far on my desk. (I have only half of my table space left to do work on =.=) But I guess I can keep their cards and inform Pn. Shahril before I leave so they can put all their lovely masterpieces into their files πŸ™‚

Here are some of the masterpieces! πŸ˜€