Remember I mentioned that 1 Buck is kinda behind 1 Best in the PBS department?

Well, it just got worse after today :/

I had one period with them today, and that was disrupted because of the photo-taking sessions for the school magazine >.<

Firstly, they were late. I waited for about 15 minutes for them to come back to the classroom from the library. Apparently Pn. Sa’adiah made them stay back to finish their projects. I was a little unhappy about that. Was it fair that she take up my time with the students by (a) making them walk allllll the way from the library to get back to the classroom and not even letting them off early to account for that, and (b) that she make them stay back to finish their project when it was well into MY time already.

It’s completely unfair! >.<

I already only have one precious period with them that I was hoping to use to finish up the last PBS evaluation—which was supposed to be a piece of cake! They’re taking up too much time! @.@

Then when they finally started to trickle into class, I was called to take a photo with the Choral Speakers for the school magazine.

When I came back, I had what, 5 minutes left of my lesson?


I don’t know if it’s just me, or this school has just toooooo many programs that affect the T&L in the classroom :/ And I can tell you for a fact that the students are just delighted by that, really! They’d like nothing better than to do nothing but wander around the entire school day! @.@

Anyway, with the few minutes I had left, I only managed to get a few of the students to do their PBS evaluations. I seriously could have done more if some of them didn’t ummm and aahhhh over they style they had drawn from the lots >.<

I am seriously reconsidering. If I keep this up, they are gonna take FOREVER to finish their PBS evaluations. And with 1 Best soooo far ahead of them too! =.= But if I remove that element, it’s gonna get boring. What’s more, it won’t be fair to the others who have gone before them and done it. Right? Unless I impose some time limit thing. But that would mean I need to make it a team effort, or award points, in order for the time limit to have any effect. But that’s gonna take up time too. ARGH. What to do?

Maybe I’ll really just impose a time limit. And only 2 chances to draw lots. That’s it. With 1 Best’s period unaffected today, they are even more ahead of 1 Buck now. @.@

You must be thinking, So what’s the big deal if 1 Best is ahead? 

Well, it only makes it a weeeeee little bit easier if they were at the same pace, so it’s easier to plan lessons for the week and write my lesson plans too. But then again, it’s going to be for just another 2 weeks. So I guess I shouldn’t have to worry so much about that! 🙂

I realized today that students can be really tooooo shy. And I can be a little impatient. Hm. What happened to all my patience? I must have used it all up. :/