Today is my first Tuesday of the new timetable and I am completely and utterly……………………..


Yup, I don’t have any classes today. Don’t ask me why; they arranged it that way. And you know what’s even better?

I don’t have classes on Wednesdays either.

Yes, which means I only teach 3 days a week! But that also means that 2 of my days are kinda packed :/ 2 double periods back-to-back! @.@ Tiring!

Anyway, no classes for the entire day also means that there’s bound to be more relief classes handed to you =.=

I was given 5 Gem, 1 Perd and 1 Best today.

5 Gem was alright. But it was an awkward period where they are just after PE, so some are missing cos they’re still on their way back, some are changing in the bathrooms etc. What can I do but just wait for them to all come back to class? And since they just trickled in, I didn’t make them get up to wish me. And I didn’t really do anything with them.

I was actually planning on playing a game with them. But since some of them were busy playing checkers and others…..looked busy, I just sat in the class and chatted with some of the boys. (Okay, I know I’m not supposed to do that, but they didn’t seem like in the mood for a game either =.=)

Then the boys somehow got to asking me about Chinese. Like how to say, “My name is…….” in Chinese! I am still rather surprised by their interest (and curiosity) towards everything Chinese. I think it’s because, to them, everything and anything Chinese is remotely foreign to them, and strange, and new! So they are very interested to learn things. They asked me how to say, “What are you doing?” and “Have you eaten?” in Mandarin, which I taught them. I just thought that, their interest to learn, albeit a language that I’m not exactly teaching nor very fluent in, should be encouraged. So I taught them a few phrases, which they enjoyed making fun of each other about. 😛

1 Perdana was kinda noisy, so I decided to play the game with them. Simple Word Formation: give them a long word, like Characterisation then ask them to form as many words as possible from the letters in the word under 3 conditions: 1) the word must be at least 2 letters, 2) no plurals eg. cat/cats, and 3) no names. The group with the most number of words, wins!

Surprisingly, they were quite cooperative, and most of them participated well. Only 2 refused to play, saying that they wanted to do their own work instead. FINE. :/

Anyway, they were all quite good! At the end, I wished I could give ALL of them sweets as prize, but I didn’t have enough 😦 Still, I wanted to encourage even those who did not win (they were getting a little competitive! @.@) by writing down the words that I had identified were good and that some groups had that all the others didn’t. So even though they didn’t win, each group had a couple of words that other groups did not find, which is a GOOD JOB! 😀

Still, I felt bad for not being able to give the rest something. Because the first two groups with the highest number of words were all the girls. Kinda pitied the boys who worked really hard too 😦 I mean, it must be frustrating to try their hardest and always lose out :/ If it were me, I might even give up on playing anymore games. And these boys were so enthusiastic! Sigh. Kesian pulak. :/

Oh, but I got really mad at one of the boys, Luqman. First of all, he didn’t want to cooperate. Absolutely refused to play. Then after that, was such a busybody to crowd around the table as I was calculating the results. Then he and some of the girls must have been quarreling about something or other, and I heard him say, “Fuck betul!

I was seriously shocked! So I called him, “LUQMAN, WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

And would you believe it? He completely ignored me. I am totally serious. He didn’t answer me at all and just…..walked away. I called him several times, yet he just plain ignored me. I was so mad, yet at the same time I didn’t want to get mad, especially with all the other students crowding around me >.<

When a friend called to him and said that Teacher (me) was calling him, he just answered, “Apasal?

He answered his friend, but he can’t answer me? >.<

I wish I could have just gone up to him and smacked him. ISH. So rude and disrespectful, and aside from that, uses offensive language. Ugh. Baru Form 1! @.@

Didn’t do much in 1 Best today cos there were just the boys. I took the time to do a PBS evaluation for one of the boys who was absent for the past two days. (Apparently, he went back to his hometown for a family emergency @.@)

Also, we had kawad practice today. Up till 5 something in the evening! Boy, am I tired! Granted, I wasn’t in charge of the training, but it was tiring nonetheless. :/ There are so many things more to settle for Rajawali House—costumes, formation, mascot etc. I wonder if we have enough time. Sports Day is this Saturday already! @.@

Anyway, I am exhausted. But will try to mark some books today 🙂 Somehow, my whole body is aching >.<

Sports practice tomorrow in the morning again, as we did last week. The students (and the teachers!) are gonna be tired out and restless/listless! Thank goodness I’m not teaching tomorrow! 😛