A very tiring day, today. :/

Had sports in the morning again. I’m not really a fan of this alternative schedule—leaves you exhausted by the middle of the day!

I was a little annoyed this morning because everything was so disorganized. I was involved in the march past for Rajawali, but the kids were stuck at the assembly grounds for almost an hour because the teachers had not settled a lot of things. They didn’t know what events were on for today, who were the students selected for each event, they hadn’t prepared the running numbers etc.

I thought all this was supposed to have been settled last week? :/ So we wasted a precious hour just waiting! The march past kids could’ve started earlier. Sighhhh.

Anyway, I believe they improved more this time round. But some were still too playful and not taking the training seriously. But I also believe the commander plays a huge role in providing the right “spirit” or semangat to march, you know?

The teachers were busy figuring out what the students are gonna wear, their costumes, their cheers etc. Thankfully, Cikgu Mazira got the Form Six students to help with all that. They’ve got some interesting ideas for our mascot and theme, but I don’t wanna spoil the surprise just yet! Will reveal all come Saturday! 😉

And I’m also thankful for Cikgu Zanariah. She’s been with me, watching over the march past kids. We were the only two who stayed back with them yesterday 😦 But we couldn’t really help much. Just kinda helped to keep an eye on them and let them know when they’re marching on the wrong foot or something 😛

Today, I had 3 relief classes too. 1 Perd, 4 Gem (yikes!) and 5 Sau.

I thought I could do the same activity with the classes. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work out. I had the first period after their half hour recess after sports in 1 Perd. When I went in, almost half the class hadn’t come in yet. I made them clean the class a little, and before you know it, it’s only 20 minutes till my relief ends. So I just waited in with them, made sure they were all in class and not wandering around. I was quite worried to see 2 Gem on the opposite building all walking around. There was barely anyone in the class! @.@ I wonder where they all went, and who their teacher was. :/

I got 4 Gem, thankfully, during a program. There was a talk, organized by Gatorade, I think, on Dehydration. Which I feel is rather apt, since they’re all so busy training for Sports Day and sweating buckets. Rehydrating the body is important. But they were of course promoting their isotonic drink, Gatorade. I concur that rehydration is important, especially after sports. But I always believe that the best liquid for that purpose is plain water. Not some isotonic drink, non-carbonated or not. Water is the best, and the healthiest. Some of the students really don’t drink enough—they don’t even have their own water bottles! @.@

Anyway, for 4 Gem, I only had to bring them to the hall for the program. And that’s when the funniest thing happened! xD

I went to 4 Gem to make sure all the students were in, then escort them to the hall for the one-and-a-half-hour program. If you remember, 4 Gem is an all-boys class. Somehow, they joined up with the boys from 4 Best and, with me in the middle, it looked rather like a little girl (me lar) surrounded by a bunch of big boys. =.=

I don’t know who first suggested it, but someone said, “Wah, Cikgu, kita macam jadi bodyguard Cikgu lar!” and I was like, “What bodyguards? If a robber came, you’d be the first to run, wouldn’t you?” 😛 Then, I suppose it became fun to pretend that I was the VIP and they were my bodyguards—all 20+ big boys!

They walked in front of me, beside me and behind me—I was literally surrounded by them! Then they started calling out, “Bagi laluan! Bagi laluan! VIP nak lalu ni!” Other students actually turned and stared, and they would see a tiny me surrounded by the biggest, baddest Form 4 boys!

It was embarrassing…..but ridiculously funny at the same time! xD

And would you believe it? They actually carried on like that the ENTIRE way from their classroom to the Inspirasi Hall. OMG, I think quite a number of students actually saw them paving the way for me to go to the hall! =.=

I couldn’t help laughing, seriously. It was kinda funny. I know I should’ve told them to cut it out. But it was just harmless fun. And it was amusing 😛 Although, it was rather embarrassing too :/

Still, it was the FUNNIEST moment, ever! xD

Until they reached the hall and very quietly went out the side doors! I had to call them all back =.= Kantoi!

5 Sau was uneventful. There were only 6 students in the class because the rest were all out helping their House teachers with the Tent decorations and preparations for this Saturday. So I just sat in and marked some of my students’ books. Pretty boring half an hour before I let them off.

Thennnnn, we were supposed to have march practice after school ended at 4.00pm until 5.00pm. But I was not informed that the students had started practice at 2.50pm! @.@ Apparently, there was an announcement but I didn’t hear it :/ Anyway, when I was done with relief, I went round searching for our green-clad members, but couldn’t find them! >.<

Later, I found one of the girls, who told me that they had had a one-hour practice already, and had all gone home =.=

Wow, thanks for informing me, kids! >.<

Sometimes, I think students think they run the show too much. When teachers put them in charge, they feel that they answer to no one else. Which is wrong! Would it be too much to ask that they at least inform the teacher about what they plan to do? No one came and told me anything! And I looked silly walking around school asking random students if they’ve seen the Rajawali march past kids =.=

In addition, they aren’t supposed to be having practice during P&P time, especially without a teacher. >.<

Is it me, or have times really changed? =.=