We had the rehearsal for Sports Day today.

Which I didn’t know meant having to go down to the muddy field for the perbarisan and some of the track events—so I wore my baju kurung and covered flats. =.=

They were covered in bits of wet grass and mud! T.T

Anyway, we had the rehearsal right up till 10.00 am in the morning, then the kids had their recess till 10.30 am. According to the announcement earlier that morning during assembly, only the students involved in the events had to assemble at the spectator stands at the field for their events, and the rest were supposed to be in class. Which meant that there should be regular P&P going on, right?

I had two double periods with 1 Best and 1 Buck, so I was ready to go for class at 10.30 am.

Then a voice came over the speakers and instructed ALL students to go down to the field—no one is allowed in the classrooms.

WHAT??? @.@ *confused*

I guess there wouldn’t be any classes then :/

We had quite a number of events today, and I had forgotten how fun it is to watch it, and to cheer for your House. It feels like ages since the last time. What was worse, I was never a fan of sports (still am not =.=) but I guess I can better appreciate sports now, more than I did when I was in school. I never saw the point in Sports Day. But I guess now, I can see that it’s actually a lot of fun, and certainly instills good sportsmanship in students 😀

I truly admire those students who were running the long distance runs, like the 1500 m. My goodness, it is so tough! Really requires a lot of stamina. I would literally die running the 1500 m.

And it was really nice to see students cheering for even the ones who came in last, because they struggled to finish the race. I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about? Never giving up? I think those students should be very very proud of themselves for finishing the race. It’s a feat, in itself. Sometimes, in our competitiveness (as spectators) we tend to forget how tough it is to play out there. We get frustrated and angry when they lose. But if it were us in their shoes, would we be able to do the same, or any better? @.@

(Suddenly reminds me of the Euro 2012 that’s going on right now—don’t we scream curses at the players when they don’t do well? I mean, seriously, can we do better? >.< We should cheer them on for making it that far!)

Oh, and the tarik tali event was sooooo exciting to watch! Ten big guys on each team, fighting against a rope! Simple enough, but is soooo difficult! I saw the poor students, sweat pouring down their foreheads and backs, and their hands chaffed from the friction. Only later they “remembered” to let the students coat their hands with flour/powder.

Ahaha, I couldn’t help myself cheering for Rajawali! I think if I were a student, I would be cheering and screaming even louder! I even considered going right down to the grounds to watch the fight up-close, as most of the students were doing (and some teachers too, screaming themselves hoarse for their respective teams!) but……..in my baju kurung? Was only a split-second thought before I knew it was a bad bad idea =.=

Anyway, today’s events ended with the tarik tali. And because of the events, I missed my 2 periods with 1 Best completely. And then I only had like, 20 minutes with 1 Buck left. But since I had march past practice with the kids, I didn’t enter my class :/ Yikes.

But the march past group really needs the practice. They’re not that uniform yet, and they hadn’t even thought out the formation! Oh, dear. I don’t know if we’re gonna have enough time! And their costumes aren’t done yet either! @.@

Tomorrow, they’re asking if they can start practising in the morning for the entire day. I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea, though :/want to enter my classes—another two double periods with my two classes. But at the same time, I feel that our Rajawali marchers really need help :/

Besides, so many students are involved in one thing or another that I wonder how many students will be left in the class without any involvement in Sports Day. We’ll see how things go tomorrow. I have a feeling that classes are gonna be disrupted anyway. Even if I enter class, how am I gonna teach when so many aren’t in? I’ll have to repeat the lesson then! =.=

Dilemma. :/