Both my double periods with my two classes were gone—AGAIN! T.T

It was a hectic and exhausting day. Although it’s Friday, I had to stay back after school to complete the students’ costumes for the march past, and for march past practice too. :/

The assembly itself finished at about 9.15 am because they had the prize-giving ceremony for those sports events that had already been carried out. Then, I was called to help Pn. Zaimie because Sun and I were involved in Persiapan Tempat for the VIPs at the spectators’ stands.

We had to clean the place, get the sofa, carpet, tables, potted plants, decorate them. And thankfully, there were students around whom we could ask for help to carry the furniture for us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to do it ourselves! God bless these students who offer help every time they see us. (I realized that the Form 1 boys are just very stubborn, playful and unhelpful. You practically have to beg them for help to carry tables, chairs etc. =.= But the older boys are much more willing to help a teacher. So I appreciate these boys who came to our aid so quickly 😀 We should not take them for granted.)

When that was done, I had to stay and help the march past kids. Then there were things to take care of for the students’ costumes. We had to cut and stick ribbons and crepe paper on 30+ students’ tracksuits, and print and cut out and paste double-sided tape on the R’s (for Rajawali/Robin Hood—our theme! xD) And would you believe it, the entire day was already gone! @.@

When Cikgu Zana (thank GOD for her) and I were done with the costumes for the kids, we headed down to the field to help out with the march practice. They were still practising although it was close to 5.00 pm. They had to work really hard on the formation, because they weren’t entirely ready yet :/ But thankfully, Cikgu Mazira and Mr. Ng were with them to help while Cikgu Zana and I were working on the costumes.

They went on till past 5.00 pm, closing in to 6.00 pm! The poor kids! 😦 They must have been really really tired and exhausted and….touchy. They were even beginning to quarrel among themselves—which is a sign that they’ve had enough. We were all tired and thirsty and hungry, even. I really felt sorry for the kids. They have been practising almost all day. :/

At the moment, Rajawali is last in the latest House position. We’re so far behind that, I think even winning the Perbarisan competition, and maybe the Hiasan Khemah one too, might not be enough to make us overall winner. 😦

But that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna do our best tomorrow! 😀

Tomorrow is D-Day. I have a feeling that I’m gonna be DEAD after tomorrow (figuratively, of course) because, not only am I involved in the persiapan tempat VIP without our head (Pn. Zaimie won’t be around) and the march past teachers one person short (Cikgu Zana will not be coming either! T.T), they have also put my name down as one of the members for the Teachers’ Sukaneka event (they pushed me into it, and I couldn’t say no :/)

Like I said, I think I’m gonna be DEAD after the program tomorrow!

Plus, I have to be in school by 6.30 am!!!! (Cikgu Mazira’s orders T.T)

Exhausted, after coming back to my room at 6.15 pm today. 😦 I have to keep reminding myself, “It’s just for one more week. One more week. One more week.” @.@