It’s a Saturday.

But I was in school by 6.30 am! @.@

I had to be there early to get the march past kids ready. Funny thing was, Cikgu Mazira asked all the students and teachers to be in school by that time, but she herself was late. About half an hour late =.=

Anyway, when Sun and I reached school, Mr. Ng was there, waiting in the pitch darkness. It was quite scary to be in school at this time. There’s nobody around, and everywhere is dark and creepy :/

Yes, I’m not really a fan of the dark >.<

There were problems because the lights and fan in the Prefects’ Room (where we were supposed to meet) couldn’t be turned on. Something to do with the main switch being off, and no one but Mr. Zaini knew how to turn it on. Not even the guard! :/ But the classroom next to it was the same! @.@

Thankfully one of the classes on the opposite side of the building could be turned on. Phew! So I got the kids (those who were punctual, which were few :/) to get dressed in their “pimped up” tracksuits and stick their R’s on their t-shirts.

At 7.20 am they were still farrrrrrr from done! They all rushed down to get their Robin Hood hats and masks. But there were so many problems that we encountered! Their ribbon and crepe paper were coming off a little, so I had to stick+staple them back on their tracksuits. The hats were too loose, so they had to staple rubber bands onto them but they snapped easily because the staples couldn’t really hold them in place. The masks, on the other hand, were too tight and were cutting into their poor faces! Plus, the holes were too small for their eyes to see through properly 😦

So, we teachers were running around fixing them up here and there, and I myself was turning around right, left, behind me when students called to me. “Teacher, it’s too tight!” “Teacher, my ribbons are coming off!” “Teacher, my rubber band snapped! What do I do?” Teacher, teacher, TEACHER!


Panic and stressed out at the beginning! Especially since we were the last contingent to go down to the field, so we didn’t have time to rehearse much. And the little that we did, it was an utter mess! @.@ Everybody had forgotten this and that, and were confused about this and that… You can imagine how worried I felt T.T

When they were up, so many things went wrong.

Because our introduction was long, their voices couldn’t be heard when they did the cheers and danced+sang. Ruzana’s hat fell off mid-way. Aswad’s feather fell off after the salute. Then they forgot everything—really, EVERYTHING! There was supposed to be a mini sketch in the middle where Robin Hood will defeat an alien, done by the Form 6 student mascots, who were dressed up in Robin Hood garb. There was even supposed to be a small party popper during it! But everything was forgotten! Our commander completely forgot everything. He even missed out our song! We were supposed to sing:

Mambo (mambo)

Kita kejar nombor satu (kita kejar nombor satu)

Jangan segan, jangan malu (jangan segan jangan malu)

Tingkat usaha, terus maju (tingkat usaha terus maju)

Siapa raja? (Rajawali!)

Siapa raja? (Rajawali!)

Rajawali….(Boleh! Boleh! BOLEH!)

Rajawali boleh~ Rajawali boleh~

Rajawali boleh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-AH!

It was supposed to be fun, but… They didn’t have a chance to do it! T.T

When the contingent left, I was wondering, what happened? Where was the sketch? Where was the singing?

It was such a heart-breaking sight to see our contingent walking away, their heads down, their arms swinging all over the place, out-of-sync. Poor Iskandar (the commander) seemed extremely down and disappointed too. I think he must be blaming himself for the mess.

Well, I was not mad at them. I felt more sad for them because they practised so hard, and to not even be able to present what they’d practised all this while? Such a waste! And I bet they must have been so disappointed. 😦 What can we do? We still did the best that we could. I think poor Iskandar must have let his nerves get the best of him. Everything completely forgotten! Sayang je~

I was also involved in the persiapan tempat, and since Pn. Zaimie was not there, and I was rather kelam-kabut with my march past kids, Sun had to settle the rest of the things alone. She managed to get a student to carry a large fan all the way from the surau only to find that it wasn’t working. And the extension wasn’t long enough! So she had to get another student to get another fan. Minor panic!

After the march past had marched out, I just made sure the kids all took their breakfast of nasi lemak and drink, and that they returned all their costume apparel to me. I had to collect them all and send them back to my place in the staff room. After that, I was pretty much free. I could watch the track events from the stands 🙂

Oh, but I was called down for the teachers’ event—the Sukaneka! I had to carry a ping pong ball using chopsticks! And silly me, I dropped the ball T.T I was so mad at myself. I think I ran too quickly and the ball fell from my chopstick-grasp. Thankfully, Mdm. Gouri was fast with the ball and the hoop, Kak Koh could hop away with balloons pinned between legs and arms, and Mr. Ng was fantastic walking on bricks! xD Kak Aishah won second place for us when she sprinted the last 50 m! AWESOME! 😀

Then, the track events continued. It was great to be able to sit down and watch and cheer for Rajawali! 🙂

Unfortunately, things took a bad turn when there was fight after one of the track events. It was the Under 18 Males 4×100 m event. We had one new student from a sports school representing Rajawali in this event. He’s good, as was proven in other events.

Our first 3 runners were good, really good. But I think the third runner helped give us a large enough lead for the final runner—this Zaidi, from the sports school. I saw, with my own eyes, in plain sight, him taunting the runner behind him, from Merak, and at the final bit, run into his lane.

It was a foul.

The Merak runner was furious. And so was Mr. Thina, who is in Merak as well. There was a dispute about the validity of the results, since Zaidi committed a foul. Then, I don’t really know what happened, but suddenly there were quite a number of boys down on the field, runners and spectators alike, who were getting physical. Some were pushing to get at Zaidi, and some were trying their best to hold the emotional ones back. There was one particular boy, from Kenyalang (Red House) who was trying to get at Zaidi, obviously furious with what he’d done (although I’m a little confused as to why he is mad when the offense was against the Blue House, Merak :/). Several boys had to hold both the Kenyalang boy and Zaidi back. They were quite a distance from each other, so I did not expect it when the Kenyalang boy broke free from his friends and ran straight towards Zaidi………..and threw a punch! @.@

OMG. Can you imagine that feeling of utter horror and helplessness as you watch a student streak across the field with anger in his steps, and you know that something bad is going to happen but you cannot do anything watching from the stands? :O

It was scary, and frightening, to say the least. >.< My heart was pounding, because I was so afraid something else might happen. Thankfully, they managed to settle it peacefully after that, and there were no more punches thrown.

But there was a VERY heated discussion between Cikgu Hanira (who is for Rajawali) and Mr. Thina (for Merak). It went on for quite a while and kinda disrupted the program a little @.@ (It was also a little embarrassing because all this happened in clear view of the representatives from PIBG, and parents! >.<)

Although I am from Rajawali, and it was very clear who reached the finish line first with such a distance between them, no contest, Zaidi was still in wrong for entering another runner’s lane. Intentional or not, it was a clear foul. In addition to that, I think he was too cocky and now he has to pay the price for it. He had that win in his grasp, but because of his over-confidence and cockiness, he practically gave it up. :/

Later on, it was announced that the entire 4×100 m event was disqualified. I was  surprised because, I thought Zaidi would be disqualified, but by right, the second person would be announced the winner, the third, second and so forth. But here, the entire event was disqualified! Why? @.@ It wasn’t fair to the others who had run and did nothing wrong! >.< Sun later told me that the reason they decided to just remove the event was because, if they had given winners for the event, there would still be a lot of dissatisfaction and displeasure, and the teachers were more afraid of the boys taking things into their own hands and settling the matter “outside of school”. (Doesn’t it sound like a decision made from experience? @.@) So, for their safety, and so NOBODY wins, they disqualified the event. >.<

We continued with the tarik tali event, and it was so upsetting when Rajawali lost that too, to Kenyalang. :/ Still, it was the finals, so we won second place 🙂

Overall, we were third out of the four Houses. And it was thanks to our wins in the track events. Otherwise, we would definitely have been last. First, of course, was Merak, who also won first for the march past competition and the Tent Decoration category. Second was Cenderawasih, and last, was Kenyalang.

We were able to finish everything, even with the Principal’s speech, by 1.00 pm. But the clearing up took some time, especially since Sun and I had to send a lot of things back to where we had taken them from the VIP Area. The potted plants, the carpets, the sofas, the table cloths, the partition from the staff room, the extension etc. @.@

However, I am very grateful for the wonderful weather we had! The past few days had seemed rainy, but it didn’t rain a single drop today. And what was more, it wasn’t all that hot either! Even in the middle of the day at 12.00 pm, it was cloudy enough that your skin didn’t burn under the sun! Such BEAUTIFUL weather indeed. I was amazed 🙂

It was certainly an exhausting day. But I am just thankful that it’s over and done with, although the fight was a little unnerving. Still, it was a success and everything went according to plan 🙂

p.s: I came back to my room and DIED for three hours! xD