Dr. H came today.

I was so nervous because I didn’t know. Sun had her class first, and I was expecting a call from Dr. when she arrived so I can show her to Sun’s classroom. But no call came.

I got worried that she didn’t come and we’d have to make more arrangements so we can be observed on Friday—which I totally did not want because I wanted so badly to sad goodbye to my kids and have one lesson of fun and games as the final one before I say goodbye :/

I needn’t have worried. She came, alright.

Oh, dear. I had a very antsy half an hour between knowing she was here and I was definitely going to be observed today, and my lesson.

I was a bit unsure of today’s lesson because I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a little worried that I had overestimated the time a little bit and that I might not have any activities to do to fill the time. At the very least, that would count for poor time management. Yikes. :/

Anyway, for the induction, I asked Hamzah, very sternly, to “Close the door” and “Sit down” then told the rest, “Keep quiet!” That certainly got their attention for a while! xD But it was only so I could write those sentences down and explained that these were directives/commands/instructions—sentences that had an action word as the head of the sentence. I had initially planned for just a few minutes discussion to get examples from students, but extended it instead, because I thought then it would be clearer for them, what directives are.

Then we moved on to the PBS worksheet. There were incomplete instructions on how to make a paper plane, and I gave them recycled papers to make the paper planes with as visual aids. I taught them vocabulary like “fold” “crease” “bottom right corner” “top left corner” etc. Then we were supposed to work out the rest of the instructions together. For example, “What can you see in the picture? What can we write as instructions? What do you call this corner?” etc.

However, since it’s instructions to make a paper plane, which, almost everyone knows (duh!), some went ahead and made the paper plane. But that’s not what I wanted. What I wanted was for them to come up with simple instructions on how to make one. @.@ The reason I chose a paper plane was because it was simple enough for them to focus on just forming the sentences/directives and not on the how.

Anyway, that took less time than I expected and I was left with too much time on my hands! Had a minor panic attack, trying to figure out what to do next! >.< Thankfully, I had the next activity.

Honestly, it was by God’s grace that I had this activity in my lesson plan. See, last night, as I was going through my lesson plan in detail once more before my observation today, I was struck with this thought that I had overestimated the time. It wouldn’t take as much time as I had specified in the plan. So, as a last minute decision, I added another small activity into the plan, which meant that I had only printed the new amended lesson plan just this morning and pasted it over the one I had prepared before.


Because that activity was what saved me! Since the objective was so students would be able to write simple instructions, I thought to really assess that, they could also do it orally. So what I did was create a scenario where they would do a mini role-play. The situation is like this: A boy/girl desperately needs to know how to make a paper plane because his/her nephew is crying for one. He/she calls a friend to find out the instructions on how to make it.

In my plan, I had wanted only one pair of volunteers. But Hamzah and Harith were such a riot that I decided to call more pairs up to act, to fill in the time. Thankfully, I also had enough sweets to give all of them as reward! 😀 For the next two presentations, I had 3 people each, with one more even acting as the baby! xD The boys were naturally witty and funny, as always. The two girls, however, were too soft-spoken, and when the class couldn’t really hear them, they became bored and restless and noisy. Something I could not really handle very well. Hm, either I reduce the number of volunteers, or choose the boys for these kinds of presentations.

Anyway, that brought me back on track in terms of the time. 🙂

For the final activity, I made them listen to instructions to make a Double Hearts Bookmark. But I didn’t tell them what we were making, though. They had to listen carefully and follow the instructions carefully if they wanted to find out! xD

THAT, however, took longer than I expected. Many had trouble with some of the steps, because it was definitely not as simple as making a paper plane. I kept reminding students to help each other. Some were alright, but some just left their neighbour flailing, trying to figure out how to get the step right. Maybe I should have more help-your-partner kind of activities next time, to nurture a more caring attitude. Some of them are just so selfish! @.@

Anyway, because I didn’t have much time, I kind of rushed through the last few minutes for the closure! >.< Didn’t end as well as I’d hoped. But all in all, the lesson was a success! 😀

Got very good and constructive comments from Dr. H and I was really grateful for her. When she gives you her feedback and suggestions, you know that she only wants you to improve 🙂

At this point, I really want to thank God for everything. I never thought that getting an A would be possible. I doubted myself so much that I didn’t think I had what it took to achieve this, but now, look at me! I did it! 🙂 Everything was just right—the timing, the last-minute amendments, the split-second decisions… They all added up to this moment 🙂

We have been truly blessed, Sun and I. To get this school, to get the classes we have, to get Dr. Melor as our supervisor, to get Dr. H as our second observer. We are so very fortunate. So so soooo very fortunate. Thank you, God!

Dr. H wrote in my Record Book, as her last sentence, “I am proud to have taught and trained you.” Awwww. :’)

I’m (almost) FREE! 😉


btw, These are some of the cards that the students handed up to me from yesterday’s activity 🙂