Report Card Day today. And they put me in for the second shift for 1 Best! @.@

I thought it was a little strange, because normally, from when I was in school, only the form teacher would be meeting parents and talking about the students’ results and performance in class. This school, though, has a timetable where each class has 2 teachers go in to meet with the students’ parents. The form teacher goes in from 8.00 am-10.30 am and the second goes in from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm.

(Funny thing was, Hasrul, the other practical teacher, was given a class that he wasn’t even teaching. How is he supposed to talk to the parents of students he didn’t know? @.@ I just felt it was a little unfair towards the students and their parents, who had come to talk to the teachers on how their child is faring in the class. How can you give the parents what they want, and need, when you don’t even teach their child? Weird, no? @.@)

It’s strange, because I’m only a practical teacher, although I have been teaching them for four months now. But the discussion I have with the parents can only be a report of how he or she has been in class—English lesson, of course—and not really much about where do we go from here. Because, well, I won’t be teaching them anymore after tomorrow! :/

Anyway, I got really nervous too because parents would also be paying the PIBG fees as well, which meant that I would have to collect money and issue receipts on behalf of the form teacher. And I’m always nervous about handling money. I’ve never really had good experiences keeping money that doesn’t rightfully belong to me. I’m very careless, see? Losing my own money is one thing, but someone else’s? And a huge amount at that! @.@

Thankfully though, Ustazah Zainah didn’t leave me to deal with the parents alone. There were so many parents waiting that, instead, she opened another “counter” to meet with the parents so that the parents didn’t have to wait so long 🙂 So things went much faster from there 😀

One parent though, was very scary—Azim’s father. He was very tough on Azim and I felt very sorry for him. Even said some hurtful things that, if it were me, I would go home and cry about. >.< He is terrifying, his father! Then, after questioning his son’s performance, he turned to me and asked, “So, apa nak buat ni?” and I think he expected me to do something about his son’s poor performance! @.@

I didn’t know what to say! I mean, my last day is tomorrow, what can I say? @.@

Besides, Azim wasn’t all too bad. Bs and Cs. But he did very badly for his Pendidikan Islam, and that really got his dad upset, I suppose. (He actually asked him if he wanted to change religion, since he was doing badly at Agama Islam =.=)

Phew! Some parents can be really scary! @.@ I heard from Sun about worse, and I feel grateful that I wasn’t in her shoes, cos I wouldn’t know how to handle that! >.<

I was glad for the opportunity to meet some of my students’ parents. It’s quite fun to see how alike/unlike each other some of them are! xD Most of their mums and dads seemed like pretty decent people. Actually, most of my kids are pretty decent and okay; they just lack focus. Too playful. Or they haven’t really found the motivation for studying hard just yet. Hopefully when they’re older 🙂

I’ve finished all my work! Finished marking the piles of books under my table, and arranged all the PBS worksheets and whatnot to be passed on to Pn. Shahril (for 1 Best) and Pn. Kartini (1 Buck). There’s nothing left to do but get my attendance sheet signed by the Principal and have my last two-period lesson with my kids 😀

I’m planning to play a non-language game (Awww, come on! Just once! xD) then maybe think of another one, then a prize-giving session (for best Mid-Year results, best work, best participation etc.) and finally, end with a song—“Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. It’s gonna be fun! 😀