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Day #80 – 6 July 2012

My last day.

Last day! 😀

Mixed feelings? Not really. I was excited for class, to have the last lesson with the kids, because I had planned something fun for them, and prepared gifts and “awards” too! xD

But, no doubt about it, I was glad for it to be ending.

In the morning, the Muslim students had bacaan yasin so I thought I would take the chance to put some stuff in the Arts Room (stuff from Sports Day that has been sitting on and lying underneath my table for a week now =.=). Pn. Koh had actually informed me to come down for the assembly after the bacaan yasin but I didn’t expect to be stuck at the Arts Room with a student, looking for my file and pair of scissors that had gone missing since it was used for the March Past costumes and practices T.T

Anyway, I was late for the assembly! Everyone was waiting. Oops. :/

Worse, Sun could not be found nor contacted! I had no idea where she went, since I was at the Arts Room earlier, and she must not have brought her phone with her, cos I called and called but there was no answer :/ Hasrul had gone up to say a few words I think, but I didn’t get to hear him speak. I only arrived after that. Then, they presented me with so many gifts! The Teachers’ Club, the Choir Club, the English Language Panel etc.

I suddenly felt the urge to say something. I always get this strange anxious feeling when I feel there is something that I need to say/do. My heart starts beating really fast and I get a little breathless. They were almost ending the assembly already. Should I say something?

I asked Pn. Koh if it was possible for me to address the students and teachers. Just a few words. It was! :O So they gave me the floor. I thanked all the teachers for their guidance, and making me feel like a part of the SMK PP 14(1) family. Then I thanked all the students; although, this profession is very very challenging, I have had some sweet moments with all of them, moments that I will cherish and bring back with me. So, with the Principal’s permission, I would like to dedicate a song to all the teachers and students of SMK PP 14(1).

And I sang.

In front of everybody! :O

Just the chorus though, from Shila’s Memori Tercipta. I felt the lyrics were very apt:

Di sini jua

Memori tercipta

Walau seketika

Terjalin kasih kita

Mungkin di sini

Kita kan terpisah

Kenangan bersama

Tiada kulupa


When I had finished, the teachers told me they tak puas lagi dengar. (Later on, during the potluck the Teachers’ Club organized for us practical teachers, they requested me to sing again—the full song this time! @.@)

After the assembly, I was swarmed by students who had come to wish me well and say goodbye. Goodness, there were students already crying very badly, with teary eyes and runny noses. When I see that, I always feel like crying too. 😦 It made me sad, but it felt good to hug all of them, tell them not to cry, and to wish them the best in their studies.

I had some time before my classes, so I took the time to go round handing out the gifts that Sun and I bought for our guru pembimbing and Pn. Koh and a few other English teachers. Very small and simple gifts, as a token of appreciation for everything they’ve done for us 🙂 I felt quite sad and extremely grateful to Pn. Koh, but the usually stoic Sun actually cried! :O Understandable though, because Pn. Koh is one of the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful person I have ever met. She “took care” of us more than our own guru pembimbing did, frankly :/ I will truly miss her 😦

I settled all the last minute matters, like handing over all my books and PBS sheets to Pn. Kartini and Pn. Shahril. I gave them my “work”sheet of when I recorded every time the students handed in their work to me. I had two columns for each book—for when they are on time, or late in handing in. And black/red-coloured pens for when their work was complete or incomplete. And shaded red boxes for when their work is unacceptably bad/shoddy. And also the complete list of everything that I had done with them in the past 16 weeks. Hope that that helps them to continue from there. 🙂

Also took the time to say goodbye and thank you to all the teachers, and to ask for forgiveness for anything that we might have said/done to hurt them. 😦 The rest, we said our goodbyes after the potluck lunch.


Class with 1 Buck and 1 Best were similar. The program was: 1) Chicken Goggles, 2) Awards Ceremony, 3) Last Words and finally, 4) Song: Count on Me. Both classes were laughing hysterically during the Chicken Goggles game! Uncomfortably loud, however. I was glad they were really enjoying themselves. But at the same time, I cringed every time Hamzah or Aswad screamed with laughter! @.@ I was so afraid of disturbing the other classes >.<

But they really seemed to enjoy the game. The reason why I never played it in class before was because it wasn’t really a language game. It was just an ice-breaking/for-fun kinda game. And it takes up time. More than half an hour to reach the Top 5 =.= I’m glad that they loved it so much though. Maybe they can play that together on their own next time 🙂

Then, I presented the awards. I gave 5 different awards: 1) Best Results (for the person with the highest marks for English for the Mid-Year exam), 2) Most Diligent (for the person who consistently handed in and did his/her work), 3) Most Participative (for the person who is most active and always volunteers in class), 4) Most Creative (for the most artistic person) and 5) Most Courteous (the student who is most polite and often offers to help me carry my things) 😀

For 1 Buck, the winners of the Awards were:

1) Ilham

2) Maisarah

3) Hamzah

4) Iffat

5) Azrina

And for 1 Best, the winners were:

1) Hannah

2) Nabihah

3) Aswad

4) Nisa

5) Hilman


I enjoyed giving them gifts of “certificates” and choki-choki chocolates and jellies 😛

Then, we had the Last Words. Speaking to them, I actually felt emotional, and for BOTH classes, there was a moment when I almost couldn’t speak because I was about to cry. But “thanks” to the boys who kinda made fun of me and some of the girls crying, I did not really cry. Couldn’t, really. When the boys made it into a funny matter =.= (Everything’s always funny with them >.<)

Then we sang the song together, took some photos. And that was it. My last two classes for my practicum! 😀

Now that it has ended, I can look back and see that I have learned a lot from this experience. It has been challenging, to say the least. Every single day was a challenge. It was exhausting, and frustrating. But we can only learn new things when things don’t go smoothly, isn’t that right? 🙂 I have learned from my kids, how to handle them, how to control them, how to draw them in. And I have tried my very very best to give them everything I had. I know I still have a lot to improve on, but it warms my heart when my kids tell me, “Teacher, you’re the best teacher I have ever had!” :’)

And they gave me such lovely gifts too! Here are some pictures:


Isn’t it all worth it in the end? One day, I hope to see them, successful and happy. I would be proud to say that they were my students, once. I sincerely wish them the best, and success.

We’ll keep in touch. On Facebook! 😉

One chapter of my life has ended, but another opens up. To new challenges, and new learning experiences!



Day #78 – 4 July 2012

Dr. H came today.

I was so nervous because I didn’t know. Sun had her class first, and I was expecting a call from Dr. when she arrived so I can show her to Sun’s classroom. But no call came.

I got worried that she didn’t come and we’d have to make more arrangements so we can be observed on Friday—which I totally did not want because I wanted so badly to sad goodbye to my kids and have one lesson of fun and games as the final one before I say goodbye :/

I needn’t have worried. She came, alright.

Oh, dear. I had a very antsy half an hour between knowing she was here and I was definitely going to be observed today, and my lesson.

I was a bit unsure of today’s lesson because I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a little worried that I had overestimated the time a little bit and that I might not have any activities to do to fill the time. At the very least, that would count for poor time management. Yikes. :/

Anyway, for the induction, I asked Hamzah, very sternly, to “Close the door” and “Sit down” then told the rest, “Keep quiet!” That certainly got their attention for a while! xD But it was only so I could write those sentences down and explained that these were directives/commands/instructions—sentences that had an action word as the head of the sentence. I had initially planned for just a few minutes discussion to get examples from students, but extended it instead, because I thought then it would be clearer for them, what directives are.

Then we moved on to the PBS worksheet. There were incomplete instructions on how to make a paper plane, and I gave them recycled papers to make the paper planes with as visual aids. I taught them vocabulary like “fold” “crease” “bottom right corner” “top left corner” etc. Then we were supposed to work out the rest of the instructions together. For example, “What can you see in the picture? What can we write as instructions? What do you call this corner?” etc.

However, since it’s instructions to make a paper plane, which, almost everyone knows (duh!), some went ahead and made the paper plane. But that’s not what I wanted. What I wanted was for them to come up with simple instructions on how to make one. @.@ The reason I chose a paper plane was because it was simple enough for them to focus on just forming the sentences/directives and not on the how.

Anyway, that took less time than I expected and I was left with too much time on my hands! Had a minor panic attack, trying to figure out what to do next! >.< Thankfully, I had the next activity.

Honestly, it was by God’s grace that I had this activity in my lesson plan. See, last night, as I was going through my lesson plan in detail once more before my observation today, I was struck with this thought that I had overestimated the time. It wouldn’t take as much time as I had specified in the plan. So, as a last minute decision, I added another small activity into the plan, which meant that I had only printed the new amended lesson plan just this morning and pasted it over the one I had prepared before.


Because that activity was what saved me! Since the objective was so students would be able to write simple instructions, I thought to really assess that, they could also do it orally. So what I did was create a scenario where they would do a mini role-play. The situation is like this: A boy/girl desperately needs to know how to make a paper plane because his/her nephew is crying for one. He/she calls a friend to find out the instructions on how to make it.

In my plan, I had wanted only one pair of volunteers. But Hamzah and Harith were such a riot that I decided to call more pairs up to act, to fill in the time. Thankfully, I also had enough sweets to give all of them as reward! 😀 For the next two presentations, I had 3 people each, with one more even acting as the baby! xD The boys were naturally witty and funny, as always. The two girls, however, were too soft-spoken, and when the class couldn’t really hear them, they became bored and restless and noisy. Something I could not really handle very well. Hm, either I reduce the number of volunteers, or choose the boys for these kinds of presentations.

Anyway, that brought me back on track in terms of the time. 🙂

For the final activity, I made them listen to instructions to make a Double Hearts Bookmark. But I didn’t tell them what we were making, though. They had to listen carefully and follow the instructions carefully if they wanted to find out! xD

THAT, however, took longer than I expected. Many had trouble with some of the steps, because it was definitely not as simple as making a paper plane. I kept reminding students to help each other. Some were alright, but some just left their neighbour flailing, trying to figure out how to get the step right. Maybe I should have more help-your-partner kind of activities next time, to nurture a more caring attitude. Some of them are just so selfish! @.@

Anyway, because I didn’t have much time, I kind of rushed through the last few minutes for the closure! >.< Didn’t end as well as I’d hoped. But all in all, the lesson was a success! 😀

Got very good and constructive comments from Dr. H and I was really grateful for her. When she gives you her feedback and suggestions, you know that she only wants you to improve 🙂

At this point, I really want to thank God for everything. I never thought that getting an A would be possible. I doubted myself so much that I didn’t think I had what it took to achieve this, but now, look at me! I did it! 🙂 Everything was just right—the timing, the last-minute amendments, the split-second decisions… They all added up to this moment 🙂

We have been truly blessed, Sun and I. To get this school, to get the classes we have, to get Dr. Melor as our supervisor, to get Dr. H as our second observer. We are so very fortunate. So so soooo very fortunate. Thank you, God!

Dr. H wrote in my Record Book, as her last sentence, “I am proud to have taught and trained you.” Awwww. :’)

I’m (almost) FREE! 😉


btw, These are some of the cards that the students handed up to me from yesterday’s activity 🙂

Day #77 – 3 July 2012

I had an awful day today 😦

Today was a little nerve-wrecking because a second observer might be coming to see me teach. (Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going for the A, so I shouldn’t have a second observer, but………it’s a long story. So in short, I am now going for the A—not really much of a choice—and Dr. H is supposed to come and observe me and Sun in these two days.)

I didn’t have class on Tuesday and Wednesday according to the new timetable, so I had to take some of the periods from other teachers so I could enter 1 Buck to teach them. I tried very hard to adjust the time, but unfortunately, the most convenient time for today was their two PE periods—which I felt really bad about, knowing how much the boys really loved PE. 😦

I didn’t have time to explain to them last week, because our Thursday and Friday lessons were postponed, due to the Sports Day practices. The only way I could inform them was through our Facebook group, and not many actually check there often, I suppose.

So, I was going to enter their class after recess today. I went to the class just before they took off for recess to talk to them, and request that they come back to class on time, please. Just in case Dr. H comes.

They were all crowding around me after their teacher left, and I told them the news. Some of the boys, who obviously had not known that their beloved PE periods were going to be taken, immediately reacted: “Alaa, apa lah Cikgu ni!” “Cikgu ni, kenapa ambik masa PJ?!” and their faces showed, very clearly, how displeased they were about the arrangement.

I don’t exactly know why, but I got very angry. I was practically begging for their help. >.<

And besides, is that the way to talk to a teacher? I was already feeling very bad for taking their PE periods, but if I had any other choice, I would take it >.<

I quite angrily remarked that this would be my final week here and that after this, I will never kacau them again. That this would be the LAST favour they would ever have to do for me. Would that be fine with them?

I was really upset with what they had said, and how they had reacted. It’s not like I was doing this for fun. It’s not like I have nothing better to do than to steal all their periods and enter their class. It’s not like I want to enter their class that badly, anyway. >.<

I was so mad when I told Sun about it. But after a while, I felt bad for scolding them. It was their initial reaction to finding out their favourite time of the week was taken away. I guess I can get that. :/ But that still does not excuse the way they spoke to me. And I just didn’t like the way they made me feel, when I just had the very best of intentions, and even the decency to feel bad for taking their PE periods 😦

But you know what was worse?

How they were in class. They showed me, unabashedly, how unhappy they were about me taking their PE. They were uncooperative, noisy, disrespectful. Every few minutes, they were walking around the class and doing their own thing without bothering about me, standing in the front trying to conduct a decent lesson! I had to keep going, “Hamzah, can you please sit down?” “Amir, why are you walking around?” “Haris, SIT DOWN!”

It was frustrating! They would give me this, this……face, and then ignore me! It was tiring, and…….hurtful. I felt that I had no respect from them whatsoever. It was very painful to realize that.

Anyway, I tried to teach, but kept hearing students talking in the background. I had some nice activities planned for them, but it was so difficult to carry out! >.<

What I had planned for this lesson was, to be able to write short wishes/greetings in a get-well card. So, for the input part, I gave them the five parts of a simple get-well card that I analyzed from a sample and came up with myself:

1. Greetings: eg. Dear…….

2. Sympathies: eg. I am sorry to hear about/that…

3. Wish/Advice: eg. I hope you get better/recover soon! or You should be more careful next time/rest more and drink lots of water.

4. Parting comment: eg. Hope to see you in school soon! I’ll come visit you sometime!

5. Sign-off: eg. Sincerely, Lisa (signed)

So, after writing this on the board and giving them more examples, I told them to fill in their worksheets with the appropriate sentences, referring to the ones we had discussed on the board.

For the next activity, I thought it would be fun for them to draw lots to get a cartoon character to whom they would “write” a get-well card to—which they will present orally. They have to make sure they have the 5 parts of a get-well card. And they can make it as creative/funny as possible! For example, if they drew the lot for Popeye, they could say something like, “Dear Popeye, I am sorry to hear that you have come down with the flu. You should eat more of your favourite spinach! Hope to see you soon. Sincerely, Lisa.”

Each volunteer would receive a small reward—sweets! 😉

The boys were excited to volunteer and try out, which was good 🙂 And they seemed to be able to do well, though they kept referring to what I had written on the board. Maybe I should’ve erased it off. But I didn’t want them to be left completely on their own either :/ Anyway, things were going well. The boys were doing great, then I had girls to come up and present as well. They were shy, and their voices were too soft, but they knew what to say too 🙂

Still, there were many of them still walking around and doing their own thing, or talking and not really paying attention to what others were presenting that I had to keep shushing them and walking around to stop the noisy ones from talking. It’s so very hard to concentrate, have you ever felt that? >.<

It was then that Ezzul, the monitor, came up to the teacher’s table and just said, “Teacher, I want to go to the toilet. I want the pass.” I was annoyed because quite a number were walking around and not really focusing on the lesson, so I told him NO and to sit down first. Do you know what he replied to me?

Alaa, Cikgu. Pergi tandas pun salah ke?

And believe you, me. It wasn’t in a very nice way. It was in an irritated, angry tone, complete with angry frown and hand gestures.

I was furious. Is that the way you talk to a teacher?

Honestly, it was very hurtful. I scolded him, saying that it wasn’t the first time he had talked to me in such a disrespectful manner, and I was tired of it. I asked him if he talked that way to other teachers, he said no. So what was so SPECIAL about me that he has to talk to me that way? Treat me this way?

It’s not like I want to demand respect, but tell me I don’t deserve to be spoken to in a civil manner? Tell me I don’t deserve to be treated with some common courtesy?

And it’s true; they don’t treat other teachers like that, but they do to me? Why? WHY?

I felt the tears coming. I handed him the pass without another word. Tried to take deep breaths without making it too obvious that I was about to cry.

Thankfully, Rayymond had paused earlier when I was scolding Ezzul, but had resumed his presentation the moment Ezzul had left with the pass. So I had the opportunity to jump right back in. :/

Lesson resumed. After half an hour of that, I gave them coloured paper and asked them to create a get-well card for a friend, or even one of the cartoon characters that came up earlier during the presentation. They could cut, colour, design the card however they like, and write to whoever they like, whatever they like, as long as they made sure that the message had the five parts that we had learned earlier.

I was glad for this activity, because students were more quiet as they worked on their cards. And I also liked the fact that it gave some of the more artistic+creative students a chance to shine 🙂

Lesson-wise, I think I was able to give them enough input on how to write a get-well card. Even more than was provided in the PBS worksheet. From their presentations, they seemed to understand the five parts of a get-well card we had learned, which is great. However, I think I should have erased the notes on the board so they had no choice but to depend on themselves. My rationale for leaving the notes on the board was as a form of scaffolding. I guess it just occurred to me that I could have erased the examples, but left the main skeleton on the board! Silly me! =.= Anyway, they seemed to enjoy the presentation part, as well as the creating-cards section.

But I can’t shake off the feeling that my students don’t treat me with enough respect/politeness. Sometimes, I think that they genuinely don’t know they are being rude/disrespectful. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve been allowed to get away with it for too long. To be fair, not all of them are like that. Most of the girls are fine. It’s just, some of the boys…. >.<

I was quite hurt today by their behaviour. I didn’t know how badly until I felt tears welling up. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. Or maybe, it’s the cumulative effect of having been treated this way the entire time I’ve been here.

It’s already my last week. I thought things would get easier. But it seems that I still lack control over my class. And because of that, I feel that the lesson I conducted today was a failure not in terms of content, not in the delivery, but in the extraneous factors—class control. If I could control my class better, there would be less distractions and those who really want to learn, can truly learn and receive the full input.

I can’t help feeling like I am a failure as a teacher. It reminds me of my 2 Gem days, when some of the good boys had told me that they felt like they couldn’t really learn properly in class because of some of the problematic students who disrupt the class. I should be able to control these students, and I have to learn to control them, for the sake of the other students. Basically, I control the learning environment in the classroom. Seen that way, when I don’t, or can’t control these difficult students, I am failing the rest as a teacher.

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a teacher. 😦

Day #71 – 25 June 2012

Remember I mentioned that 1 Buck is kinda behind 1 Best in the PBS department?

Well, it just got worse after today :/

I had one period with them today, and that was disrupted because of the photo-taking sessions for the school magazine >.<

Firstly, they were late. I waited for about 15 minutes for them to come back to the classroom from the library. Apparently Pn. Sa’adiah made them stay back to finish their projects. I was a little unhappy about that. Was it fair that she take up my time with the students by (a) making them walk allllll the way from the library to get back to the classroom and not even letting them off early to account for that, and (b) that she make them stay back to finish their project when it was well into MY time already.

It’s completely unfair! >.<

I already only have one precious period with them that I was hoping to use to finish up the last PBS evaluation—which was supposed to be a piece of cake! They’re taking up too much time! @.@

Then when they finally started to trickle into class, I was called to take a photo with the Choral Speakers for the school magazine.

When I came back, I had what, 5 minutes left of my lesson?


I don’t know if it’s just me, or this school has just toooooo many programs that affect the T&L in the classroom :/ And I can tell you for a fact that the students are just delighted by that, really! They’d like nothing better than to do nothing but wander around the entire school day! @.@

Anyway, with the few minutes I had left, I only managed to get a few of the students to do their PBS evaluations. I seriously could have done more if some of them didn’t ummm and aahhhh over they style they had drawn from the lots >.<

I am seriously reconsidering. If I keep this up, they are gonna take FOREVER to finish their PBS evaluations. And with 1 Best soooo far ahead of them too! =.= But if I remove that element, it’s gonna get boring. What’s more, it won’t be fair to the others who have gone before them and done it. Right? Unless I impose some time limit thing. But that would mean I need to make it a team effort, or award points, in order for the time limit to have any effect. But that’s gonna take up time too. ARGH. What to do?

Maybe I’ll really just impose a time limit. And only 2 chances to draw lots. That’s it. With 1 Best’s period unaffected today, they are even more ahead of 1 Buck now. @.@

You must be thinking, So what’s the big deal if 1 Best is ahead? 

Well, it only makes it a weeeeee little bit easier if they were at the same pace, so it’s easier to plan lessons for the week and write my lesson plans too. But then again, it’s going to be for just another 2 weeks. So I guess I shouldn’t have to worry so much about that! 🙂

I realized today that students can be really tooooo shy. And I can be a little impatient. Hm. What happened to all my patience? I must have used it all up. :/

Day #70 – 22 June 2012

Today would be my first Friday where I have four periods with my two classes—back-to-back @.@

Previously, I only had 1 Buck during the last two periods on Fridays. Now, I’ll have 1 Buck after recess, then 1 Best for the last two periods instead.

However, today, the Muslim students had a program for Israk and Mikraj. All of them had to assemble at the hall. We were already informed about it yesterday, and that the program would go on the entire morning. So classes would only resume after recess. Which is perfect for me, seeing as my four periods are all after recess 🙂

So it was pretty quiet in the staff room this morning. The few non-Muslim teachers were just hanging out in the staff room, doing our work and sharing tidbits 😉

Anyway, I took the chance to work on my thesis (well, actually, it’s academic exercise, but thesis is much shorter to say, and to type =.=). I was done with all my corrections; now I’m doing a careful final once-through to edit my work and clean up any loose ends. Hope everything goes well and I can be done by next week! *fingers crossed*

Well, unfortunately, when 9.35 am came along, students were still not back from the hall yet! I was getting a little antsy, because it was 1 Buck’s period, and they were quite far behind 1 Best in terms of the PBS evaluations. Losing 1 Buck’s time would push them further back! I didn’t want that, because I was hoping that, now their lessons are synchronized (both classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays) I would be able to teach them at the same pace. Easier for me lar, haha~

But the students only came back at 10.00 am! Oh, dear. So I could only enter at 10.15 am, meaning that I lost one entire period with 1 Buck 😦 How are they gonna catch up, now? T.T

Anyway, I immediately started them on the Introduce Yourself PBS evaluation. But after the explanation and everything, we didn’t really manage to get everyone to complete the task. There wasn’t enough time. >.<

This is the lesson where, they would introduce their name and where they’re from. Very simple. But it was too simple….and kind boring. So I added the “draw lots” element, where they would draw lots to see what “style” they would be doing their introduction in—just to make things interesting. 😉 For example, if they got “Crazy”, then they’d have to introduce themselves in a CRAZY manner! xD Only 1 of the 12 lots is “Normal” 😛

Actually, due to the lack of time, I was considering removing the “draw lots” element completely. Just make them come in front, say their name and where they’re from, and that’s it. It would certainly take up less time, and I would most probably be able to finish this task with them much much faster. Then we could move on and possibly catch up with 1 Best.

However, I felt it would be a shame for them to miss out on this activity. 1 Best seemed to enjoy it, although they got a little too restless for me to handle. But if I removed that part of the activity, then it would be just too boring, wouldn’t it? I would be bored, and the students would be bored. :/

So, in the end, at the risk of 1 Buck being wayyyyy behind 1 Best when I finish my practicum and pass them over to their respective teachers, I decided to stick with my initial lesson plan. I just hoped that they would find it enjoyable and that I didn’t make the wrong choice.

Well, I did think to myself, “Why the rush?” It seems like I’m trying to rush through Bands 1 and 2 (cause I think that’s all the time that I would have for). But I wonder, why do I need to rush through it? What’s the point, if students don’t learn much, or don’t get to enjoy much?

Maybe I should take my time. Don’t worry so much if I can’t finish doing the evaluations for a task in one lesson. Just allow them to take their time, and allow myself to slow down. Maybe then, both myself and the students can learn something from one another 🙂

Plus, I’m leaving soon. I don’t want to RUSH through my last few weeks. I want to enjoy myself too 😀

1 Buck was cooperative, and they were laughing out loud when some of their friends got “Old Man” and “Sick”. But it is certainly taking up more time, though, since it involves some “acting” skills as well :/ Still, I know we have some rather talented “actors” in the class, so this should be fun 😛

I’ll have to continue this next week, unfortunately. Hopefully, it won’t lose its appeal too quickly :/


p.s: I woke up with a swollen eye today (I think some stupid insect bit me! >.<) so I wore shades to class because I didn’t want the students to see me with my swollen left eye and no eyeliner =.= haha~ Of course, I got laughed at by 1 Buck, and teased in 1 Best. But they said I looked kinda cool, so that’s cool ;)


Day #69 – 21 June 2012

Today, I was going back and forth between keeping to my lesson plan, or making a last minute change for 1 Buck.

It was supposed to be the Literature lesson that I did with 1 Best that was such a disaster because the students were restless and bored with the lesson.

I had planned to do a simple silent reading-discuss-d0 exercises lesson with them, chapter by chapter. I want them to read silently and try to understand, then we’ll discuss by me asking them questions and testing their understanding, then doing the exercises in the textbook. However, these steps are repeated as we go along each chapter, so it could get a little routine and boring. But I felt that there were benefits to this routine, one of which, being that they are each given time to silently read and understand first, which is important.

However, it was quite a disaster in 1 Best. So I was thinking of changing it up a little. Make each group work on a chapter, then get them to present in front of the class to the rest. It’ll definitely give them something to do. However, I think that is a little too high-level, even for 1 Buck. They would be pretty lost as to what to present without a structure. I supposed I could give them one, but it is difficult to form one standard one because each chapter talks about different things. Unless I do a chapter per lesson. But I can’t be spending 2 periods on just one chapter, could I? 12 weeks! They’ll never finish then! @.@

So, in the end, I decided to stick to the lesson plan. I was also curious to see if it really was my methods, or the students that caused the lesson in 1 Best to be a disaster.

It went quite alright, I think.

Sure there were one or two who weren’t paying attention. But then again, they were often caught not paying attention anyway. But comparatively, 1 Buck was more responsive and cooperative. They tried even though they gave wrong answers. But for me, even when you give wrong answers, it still means you’re trying. And I could always tease them and get the class to loosen up.

It’s when you don’t respond to my questions and talk about other things that really gets me annoyed >.<

Lesson went relatively well, I think. Not as bad as with 1 Best, for sure.

I may, however, choose to change things up a bit. Maybe go a little slower; do two chapters per lesson instead of 3.

btw, Don’t think it’s too much for a double period lesson. First thing, it’s a GRAPHIC novel (read: comic) and each chapter is a mere 4 small-book pages with lots of pictures and few words. Which is why I planned 3 chapters in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Including discussion and some exercises.

Not too bad class today. Thankfully. So obviously, I cannot do the same thing for 1 Best then. I must do it differently, but am not sure how. :/ Will try to figure it out by this weekend so I can prepare next week’s lesson plans. ARGH. Quite a lot of things to do. I have to send my thesis to be bound soon, as well! @.@

Day #67 – 19 June 2012

Was gonna carry out the same lesson with 1 Buck today. I was hoping that I would be able to do the search-for-meaning activity with them that I could not do with 1 Best.

However, they were also late today 😦

On Tuesdays, I know that they have BM period before mine which they have at the library. So I understand that it takes time for them to get from the library back to their classroom. But I had informed them to please come out earlier next time so they can enter class on time for English. Prior to this, they were able to do that for me, which I am grateful for. But this didn’t seem to be one of those times :/

Anyway, started late, so only had 30 minutes left. I took some time explaining the PBS evaluations, even to them. In the end, we also only managed to complete the listening test without the search-for-meaning activity. I decided to just remove that, because that learning objective was only secondary. The main objective was to complete the listening test. For 1 Buck, only 2 of them scored 8/10 for the listening test and needed to do it again: Aiman and Hamzah. But they very quickly were able to stay for a few minutes after class to do it with me, and they did extremely well the second time round too 😀

However, Iskandar is getting a little over my head. He’s rude sometimes, and quite often, I am affected by what he says, or as they say, I terasa. I’ll be explaining things on the board, and I can hear him saying, “Okayokayokay…” As if implying that that was enough, and that I should just stop talking. >.<

Sometimes, I don’t know if that’s exactly what they mean, that they’re being intentionally hurtful+rude, or they don’t really know that that’s what is implied when you say it in that manner. :/

Anyway, this class is no piece of cake either. And after today, I am wondering why things seem to be getting harder instead of easier in my last few weeks. I’ve been with these classes for, about 10 weeks at least. But why am I still experiencing such problems with them?

I am exhausted, and frustrated.

I really can’t wait for everything to be OVER! >.<

Day #65 – 15 June 2012

Discussed Paper 2 with 1 Buck today.

Did the same thing as I did with 1 Best. But they had different set of errors to correct and explain, especially for the Section A essay. Although, both classes did the mistake of not writing enough for a 25 mark essay. 1 Buck of course, fare slightly better, but only slightly. Some of them did very very badly for the paper 😦

Reprimanded them for Section B questions on the poem and the short story. For the poem because some wrote utter rubbish and couldn’t score 3 out of 3 for the first question, even though the questions were all very very simple! >.< They even claimed that the teacher had not taught them! Terrible!!! >.< For the short story, I was mad at them because I had basically given them the model essays and all they had to do was read and gain the main points from there. But no, they didn’t do that. Some memorized the model essay I gave and scored 11 out of 12. Others, were getting only 3 marks. =.=

Section C summary was also alright. Most of them did alright. I just reprimanded them for not keeping to the word limit—not following instructions. If the question says not more than 60 words, do not write more than 60 words! It’s THAT simple. Don’t go up to 80 words! How am I supposed to give you content marks when you write them past the word limit!? >.< Aikz. Stubborn, just plain stubborn.

I gave them the rest of the time to complete their corrections and ask me questions, if they need to. Then to hand in all their exercise books. I had already explained to the three new students about the journals they’re supposed to write for me, Amzar, Dafeena and Syahada 🙂 And they managed to hand them in! Will return the books to them soon 😀

Unfortunately, although I had given them more than 40 minutes for corrections for Section A and C, a lot of them took the chance to laze around and chit chat while I was busy attending to those who were asking me questions about their essays! So by the end of the two periods, they were not done, although I had expected that the time I had so generously given them was more than enough to complete their work if they had seriously sat down to start work on it immediately! ARGH. I’m so annoyed with them. So what can I do but give them an extension? >.<

I told them to hand their Writing books with their corrections on Monday, even though we don’t have English. Otherwise, they’re gonna be in trouble! @.@


Day #64 – 14 June 2012

1 Buck today. I was expecting to take less time than 1 Best when discussing Paper 1 because most of the students got 30+ marks over 40 for the objective paper. So it should be no problem. Still, they had a couple of questions that I knew they weren’t happy about and needed to discuss it in class.

I had to say, very clearly in the beginning, that I wanted them to pay attention, even though they got the answer to that particular question right. That’s because I know them, and I know that it’s very probable that they got right for some questions because they….how to say it…tikam? They may or may not actually know why it’s correct, but that they picked one at random and it was the correct one. So I wanted them to listen and pay attention to the discussion to make sure that they know and are confident of all the answers for all the questions. 🙂

However, many of them did not bring their question papers to school, or had left it somewhere and lost it. Sigh. Why are they so careless and irresponsible? I get sooooo tired of listening to their excuses, sometimes. Cikgu, tak bawak lar. Cikgu, tertinggal kat rumah lar. Cikgu saya tinggal kertas kat bawah meja sebelum cuti, prefects semua dah buang. Frustrating and exasperating >.<

I went through each objective question, as I’m supposed to. Explained difficult words or vocabulary. Got responses from them. Went quite smoothly, I guess. Just had to reprimand the noisy boys sitting in groups a couple of times >.< But otherwise, alright. The others responded well 🙂

There was one question where they kept insisting on a bonus, so I got annoyed. I explained why they could not be awarded bonus marks, because the answer is very clear-cut—if they really understood the sentence. Want to know which questions? Q39, the sentence given was:

39. “There are only several Asian restaurants here and the food there is quite expensive.” There in the sentence refers to:

A. London

B. Malaysia

C. Asian restaurants in London

Now, you will notice, that there are two “there”s in the sentence given. So, the students claimed that they were confused which one the question was referring to and demanded for a bonus mark. However, if you look at the options given, you don’t even need to know the context/text to know that the “there” the question refers to can only be the second one. Because the first “there” in “There are only several…” has the meaning of “Terdapat hanya beberapa…” which does not refer to any place at all! The only “there” that is possible is the second one—no doubt about it!

So, you can understand why I got annoyed when they kept chanting, “Bonus mark! Bonus mark! Cikgu, bagi lar bonus!” when the answer to that question is clear as day! >.< I explained it to them, and very sternly told them that there will be NO CONSIDERATION whatsoever for a bonus mark, because it is just not correct.

Sigh. These kids. @.@

Finished discussing with half an hour to spare, so I made them do their corrections and complete their exercise books, which are due tomorrow. Again, I wonder how many will actually hand in their books? 😉


p.s: I had my academic exercise presentation yesterday! It was actually scheduled for today, and I was planning to use the whole of yesterday night to prepare my slides and notes. But Dr. texted to say she had a meeting and won’t be able to make it! Oh dear! Thankfully I managed to rush and complete all my slides in between relief classes yesterday. Still, I didn’t have enough time to finish it in school. However, everything went really well. It was quite informal and Dr. was very encouraging 🙂 PHEW! Anyway, all I have left are the corrections to make, and then I can finally jilid my academic exercise! woohooooo~ 😀

Day #51 – 15 May 2012

1 Buck was late today. I knew that they had BM period before my English, and they are always called to go to the library for their BM lessons, but the past few Tuesdays (that I remember) they were already waiting for me in class, so I had thought that they were able to get off a little earlier so they can walk back to class from the library in time for my class.

But not today, apparently! Of all times to be late—when I only had a single period lesson to teach summary writing! >.<

I was glad that, when they entered the class late, they actually apologized to me, saying, “Sorry, we’re late, Teacher.” It’s really nice. 🙂 Again, I wish I had praised them for it in class. ARGH, why aren’t my responses fast enough? Do I only think of doing all these things only after I reflect on them? Sigh.

They have done summary writing before. Pn. Kartini had done it with them before I took over the class, so they were alright. Just needed a little refresher, I suppose 🙂 So the lesson was smooth and problem-free today. None of them gave me any cheek, they were serious and did their work, and all was great! 😀 (I guess they’re serious when I give them hints that it’s important for their exams! @.@)

I feel relieved. 🙂

Anyway, I wished them well for the exams, and I know I will be praying for each and every one of them. I sincerely hope they will do well 😀