You’d think that having gone through 3 rounds of exams with 7 subjects each in the past two years would have made me immune to just-before-exam nerves. After all, I’d gone through them all before, several times.


Every time that time comes around, I feel nervous, worried, anxious.

I don’t want to come within several miles of the exam hall, but at the same time, I wish I could just go right in, regurgitate all that I need to regurgitate and get it done and over with !

1 and a half more hours to my first paper of Semester 2 Session 2009/2010 – Methods in TESL.

Somehow something drew me to this place here, now.

I’ve read the books I need to read, gone through all my lecture notes a number of times, wrote copious short notes on all the main points (I think) that are important, even completed and discussed one past year paper with my course mates.


I still feel unprepared.

I guess, we never ever feel prepared, do we?

Anyhow, I’m wishing for the best. I shall do the best that I can.

Cos that is all that anyone can ever do. Right?

Here’s wishing the best of health and mind to all those sitting for final examinations. Just do your best and leave the rest to God ! God bless 🙂