Guess what?

Dr. Melor came to observe us today—SURPRISE!!!!! @.@

Well, Sun and I had been expecting that she would have to surprise-visit us, since she is so busy. Poor, Dr. 😦 She barely has time to eat, from the looks of it. And her phone is always ringing. I wonder if she really truly rests, even when she’s at home :/ (Maybe that’s one of the cons of having a Smart/Internet phone. You’re always contactable, 24/7, and you have no excuse! >.<)

Anyway, I had the shock of my life when I saw Dr. talking to Sun when I came back from my relief class with 4 Set. All I saw of her at first, was the back of her tudung. When I finally saw her face, my jaw dropped. And Sun laughed at me T.T

She had just observed Sun in 4 Buck and planned on observing me in 1 Best later, after first rushing over to Precinct 9(1) to observe Dexter. (Like I said, busy busy bee! @.@)

I guess it was a good thing to find out about her entering my class later, slightly earlier, as compared to how she entered Sun’s class in the middle of her Development 2 activity! But it really made me antsy and nervous those couple of hours before my class. Granted, I was busy marking some dictation work I did with my relief earlier, and that took my mind off it a bit. Still.

Thankfully, I had some teaching aids for this class, and quite a number of handouts. Phew! 😀

I truly want to thank God for taking away my anxiety and nervousness. I mean, I was nervous, but not nearly as nervous as I had expected to be. I knew in my heart that Sun and I had nothing to worry about. We have always been diligently doing our work, preparing our lesson plans, and giving our best when we are teaching, every single day, every single lesson. We had nothing to fear. Besides, I knew that Dr. is a very compassionate, rational and understanding person. I knew that if I had messed up, I would be able to tell her honestly that I had, and know that she would be able to see where I was coming from, my circumstances, and still give me her honest opinions and suggestions. Also, if this wasn’t the time to learn from my mistakes, when is?

I entered the class slightly earlier, since I knew there was no teacher in 1 Best the time before my lesson. I made sure they had a table and seat ready for Dr. when she came. I informed the class that my lecturer was here to observe me. I did not want them to act in any way out of character, because that would seem unnatural, for both them and myself. But I told them that I hoped that they would at least be on their best behaviour to give Dr. a good impression 🙂

I waited a few minutes, but Dr. seemed to have not returned from Precinct 9(1) yet, so I began my lesson. I was almost done with my Set Induction part when Dr. arrived. I asked Aswad to get the class to greet her (and Dr. gave him a thumbs-up when he said, “Good morning, Dr.!” xD) For the Set Induction, we had recapped what we had learned in the previous lesson. Today was the final lesson on Mr. Nobody, the poem—on Vocabulary and Actions. As I wrote the meanings of words on the board, I made them revise the vocabulary that we had learned from the poem.

I made flashcards for them, and made volunteers come up to the front to paste the words onto the board with blue tack. There were ten words with the meanings (taken from Rani, K.M. 2011):

1. funny: strange

2. mischief: harm or trouble

3. ajar: slightly open

4. squeak: make a short, sharp, high-pitched noise

5. damp: slightly wet

6. soil: make dirty

7. mislaid: missing or misplaced

8. tosses: throws carelessly

9. fade: to lost colour

10. blinds: coverings for the window that can be pulled up or down

The activity took less time than I had expected. So I had plenty of time for the next activity. I provided the handouts that showed pictures of the actions that Mr. Nobody is accused of doing. They were supposed to refer to the poem and fill in the blanks with the right words. I had not realized that they would have some trouble with this. This is because the fill-in-the-blanks exercise was not an exact lift from the poem. They were going to have to modify the form of the words.

First, because in the poem, the third person singular is used, “He”, but in the handout, since it is in the form of accusations, the subject “You” is used. Therefore, this affects the verbs because “He scatters” but “You scatter“. I had to revise a little bit of SVA with them before proceeding.

Second, because it is not an exact lift from the poem. For example, in the poem, it says, “We never leave the blinds unclosed / To let the curtains fade.” Which implies that Mr. Nobody always leaves them open, right? In the handout, the blanks are: “You never _________ the ___________.” where ‘close’ and ‘blinds’ are expected to be filled in the blanks. This requires a little higher level language skills: to interpret meaning and re-form the sentences. I had not expected that difficulty when planning the lesson because I had assumed they would be able to get it.

So students kept asking me questions and I kept running around from one student’s table to another as they called me for help. But when we were discussing the answers to the handout, I tried to guide them as much as I could: by referring to the pictures, to the poem and trying, once again, to understand the meaning first.

By the way, this is also the first time where students weren’t walking around the class like nobody’s business during my lesson! When they wanted to ask me questions, they actually raised their hands and waited patiently in their seats for me to get around to them! I was quite shocked to see that, but smiled secretly to myself. Dr’s presence definitely makes a difference! 😀

Anyway, after that, I had so much time left over that I also decided to do, and discuss the practice worksheet with them, although it was initially planned to be as a subsequent task. Still, they had time to do it on their own, and still, we were able to discuss all the answers. And from their responses, it seems that they were able to answer almost all the questions right! Which means that, YAY! I think they got it! 😉

I was quite nervous for Dr’s comments after the lesson, because personally, I felt the lesson was a little dull and uninteresting, especially since it is a Literature lesson with no ICT aids. However, Dr had nothing but praise and good comments. She gave me a “Well-done job!” in my Record Book! :’D And practically had no other comments but on what a “superb” job I did! :’)

Frankly, though, I think she was being far tooooooo nice and lenient. I mean, I know I wasn’t TERRIBLE, but was it really SUPERB? @.@ *shrugs* Still, thank you so much, Dr, for saying that! It certainly feels good to hear that, especially from you 😀

She had gone through all my past lessons in my Record Book, checked through them and signed it. She told me that she liked the way I was critical of myself and my teaching, and she could see a progress, even if it is merely in terms of my confidence and class management 😀

I hope that I can always remain critical of myself and subsequently improve my teaching. Because I know, not only is that for my own personal betterment, but also for the benefit of my students 🙂

A good lesson today, if a little dry and boring. Still, I am thankful for Dr. because she is truly so AWESOME! I know nobody might believe me when I say this, because they’ll say that I’m just saying it because she is my supervisor, but I sincerely mean it when I say that it is truly a blessing to have been given Dr. Melor as my supervisor. Certain things happened last semester that actually eventually led me to her. For that, I can only thank God 🙂

Thank you so much, Dr, for a very pleasant first observation! Hope to see you again, next week! 😀


p.s: I wish I had taken a photo with Dr. today so I could post it up here! *sigh* 😦



1. Handout 21B (Flashcards)