Love is a Verb

Love is not just flowery words and sweet promises that are never kept.

Love is not just between a boy and a girl of the “I’ll climb the highest mountain for you, swim the deepest seas,” variety.

Love is not “I need you, therefore I love you.”

Love is not “You’re beautiful, therefore I love you.”

Not merely between boy and girl

Love is none of those things that the shallow world of today seems to say.

What love is, is a verb.

Allow me to define:

VERB: a word or phrase that describes an action, condition or experience. (Cambridge International Dictionary of English)

Love is not merely verbal, but rather, it has to be an action. Something that has to be done, shown instead of spoken.

Love is only really love if it is demonstrated. Love means nothing if it is only words that come out from a person’s mouth but disappear without meaning to the person it is spoken to.

That was the message that was intended to be conveyed for PERKEB (Persaudaraan Kristian UKM)’s annual event this year:

Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih: Love Is A Verb

It was held on the 2nd of March 2010 at Dewan Anuwar Mahmud, FST at 7.30pm.

I was one of the committee members for the Protocol Secretariat. πŸ™‚

Love between friends

What is MKK? It is PERKEB’s annual event, held during the second semester of every academic session – an evening of dance, music, drama and singing. Our goal for every event we conduct is to bring a meaningful message to the students of UKM as well as to showcase and hone the talents of our very own members in the arts.

Last year, we had Malam Muzikal Krismas where I was involved in the tambourine dance. It was a great experience ! I had never been involved in such performances before and it was a new learning experience for me πŸ™‚ Although the practice sessions were tough and time-demanding, I enjoyed myself dancing with friends in putting on a good show for the audience ! πŸ˜›

This year though, I was horribly disappointed in not being able to commit myself to the dance team. I had too many other events that I was involved in to be able to give my best in performing and coming for practice sessions.

So, instead, I decided to help them out by joining the Protocol Secretariat.

I did not have much to do, except for some last minute rushes in securing the perasmi Dr. Kadderi Md. Desa, the Director of Pusat Perkembangan Pelajar.

Love among family πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, due to my un-involvement in the event, I had no idea what I needed to do. And my Head of Protocol did not inform me of the updates and to-do items for MKK. And so it happened that, on the morning of 2nd of March, Wednesday, Christina (that’s my Head of Protocol) called me and asked me to do her a favour.

“Sure, what do you need me to do?”

“Could you call Pusat Perkembangan Pelajar office and ask them if Dr. Kadderi is our perasmi?


“You mean, our perasmi is not confirmed yet??”

The fact of the matter was, on the day of the event, the perasmi has yet to be confirmed. The details on how that happened is fuzzy to me, since I was not directly involved in the goings-on of the Protocol Secretariat. But suddenly, I was needed to step in and settle everything.

I kept calling and calling the office. At first, no one picked up.

When finally, after an eternity several failed attempts, I managed to get through. The personal assistant to Dr. Kadderi told me that he would not be able to make it, and that she would find a replacement to go in his place instead.

“When can you let me know the name of the replacement?” (I needed to know the full name and title to put it into the speech text for the perasmi.)

“I’ll call you back,” she told me. That was not reassuring enough, but what choice did I have? >.<

So I waited. And waited. No sound from the PPP office.

Love is colour-blind

I called again at 2pm, after lunch hour. I was beginning to panic.

The event was in about 5 hours.

“Hi, kak, it’s me again. Em, has the replacement been found?”

“I’m sorry, I will have to get back to you.”

I was utterly desperate. Christina was pestering me to get the nameΒ ASAP.

Kak, I really need to get that information as soon as possible. TheΒ event starts in 5 hours, do you think you could help me?”

“Okay, I will call you back.”

Then began a flurry of calls between me and the PPP office (burning up my handphone credit >.<) trying to POLITELY push them into giving me a name soon.

At 4.30 pm, I saw the office number on my handphone screen.

“Hello, kak?

“Ah, good news. Dr. Kadderi will be able to make it after all.”

Love is beautiful

I almost cried with relief. In less than 3 hours before the event started, we had our perasmi.

Cutting it a bit close, that’s for sure. But at least, everything was settled and cleared πŸ™‚

I thanked the kak profusely for her trouble and thanked God for Dr. Kadderi being such a generous person who somehow, for whatever reason, changed his mind and chose to attend our event instead.

The whole event was smooth-sailing from then.

I was one of the ushers for the night, and wore my orange Punjabi suit to greet the VIP. πŸ™‚

And being the usher, my most tense moment was at the beginning of the event when the Opening Ceremony was about to begin. There were a few things that absolutely MUST be done according to protocol – where the ushers must be standing, where the Program Director and President of PERKEB have to stand in relation to the VIP, which usher will receive the token of appreciation etc. There is the right way to do it, and we had to do it right, or otherwise give a bad impression to the VIP.

I was supposed to be the one who led the VIP to his seat, and then would receive the token of appreciation for the VIP and keep it with me for safekeeping, until the end of the event, or when PM Dr. Kadderi decides to leave.

Phew. It was extremely stressful, but everything went smoothly πŸ™‚ The Opening Ceremony went on without a glitch as well ! Thank God !! πŸ˜›

Me and the Protocol team πŸ˜›

After that, my job was to basically be attentive to the VIP to see if there was anything he needed during the event. If there was not………..I was free to enjoy the show ! πŸ˜€

The dancers were great ! Everyone looked so beautiful in their costumes and the tambourines looked extra shiny that night. I felt a pang of disappointment for not being a part of the team of dancers this year, but at least I could watch them and give them moral support πŸ™‚

Then, there was the drama. I was seriously in awe of each and every one of the actors and actresses involved in our little sketch – because they were all darn GOOD !!! Seriously, the two main characters were excellent in their acting. The evil demon had the most chilling laugh. And the set, although simple, was effective.

And when it came to the climax, when one of the main characters was dying, I honestly could not help crying. There were tears at the corners of my eyes which I had to wipe away ! Thank goodness it was dark and nobody could see me >.< The story was touching, and the acting skills of these girls brought out the emotion contained within the story, which was a wonderful feat indeed ! Bravo to the drama team ! They were absolutely GREAT that night !

Me with the Assistant Director of MKK, Evon πŸ˜›

And of course, I cannot forget the MIB (Men In Black) team, who helped out with the stage props and smoothened the transition from one scene to another. They were quick and as silent as possible, and made the flow of the drama continuous without too long an awkward pause between scenes. They did an awesome job too !

The band was absolutely great ! I found myself clapping and tapping my feet and swaying my body and singing along to all the songs they were playing ! Felt my heart thumping along to the beat of the drum, and soaring together with all 8 of the lead and back-up singers. They did a wonderful job of getting the crowd warmed up πŸ™‚

And the emcees for the night did well too πŸ˜›

All in all, I felt a sense of satisfaction after that night. Yes, I was not in the dance team. I was only in the background, handling the Protocol Secretariat responsibilities like securing the perasmi and being the usher. But I felt like a part of something good that night, and I left the hall smiling πŸ™‚

Me with the Head of Protocol, Christina!

I hope next year’s is even better !! πŸ˜›