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Day #49 – 11 May 2012

Was expecting a dull lesson with 1 Buck today. Well, we were just doing exercises on Graphics and Texts, Rational Cloze, Meaning in Context and Reading Comprehension. But I guess it wouldn’t be as bad as 1 Best. Because, for 1 Best, I actually split up the entire four sections into two, dragging it on for two double-period lessons instead of one. So they were going at a muchhhhhh slower pace than 1 Buck. But I thought they needed the extra time to work on it.

Even then, some were still struggling with the first two sections, and we still didn’t get to complete the two in that two double periods T.T

But with 1 Buck, we were certainly moving at a faster pace, and we had to! I didn’t have much time left with them. They only had a single period lesson next Tuesday before they sit for their mid-year exams. How scary! @.@

They were quite alright, I think. Lesson went well in terms of time allocation. I managed to do at least one practice for each section, showed them how to answer these kinds of questions, modelled the thought process for them, worked on a lot of vocabulary! >.< Hopefully, they will be able to do the same thing I taught them for the rest of the practices on their own. They’re gonna have to anyway, for the exams :/

I had already told them to pay attention because I was helping them answer exam-type questions. I told them that if they didn’t want to listen, then there’s nothing I can do for them.

Most of the girls were alright, paying attention, nodding when I talked, which let me know they’re doing okay. Some of the boys too. The better ones were doing questions ahead of me, which is fine. But SOME of the boys were just playing around. Talking a lot. I reprimanded them once, twice, three times. But I went on with the lesson for the sake of the rest of them.

But at one point, Ezzul, good boy, was asking me a question, asking me to explain what “batter” meant. (He had thought it was a typo for ‘butter’ @.@) I was trying to explain to him, but it was difficult, because I did not know the BM equivalent to him. As I was explaining it to him, I suddenly realized that I could not even HEAR myself over the noise the other boys were making, and that I was practically shouting.

I tell you, I just got sooooo annoyed. >.<

I shouted, “OH MY GOODNESS, WHY IS IT SO NOISY?! I’M PRACTICALLY SHOUTING OVER YOU!!!” Then I paused and said, “I am SO annoyed right now.” Then everyone was silent. And I felt a headache coming on. Sigh. T.T

Seriously, 1 Buck is just getting worse and worse. To be fair, not the entire class. Just the few boys who take turns to be the culprits. I mean, it’s one thing to not pay attention in class. At this point, I realize there’s really only so much a teacher can do. If you’re not willing to listen, then fine, it’s your choice. But if you’re gonna disrupt the class, and make me have to SHOUT just to be heard, boy, I’m gonna be mad. >.<

After that outburst, I gave the answer for the final objective question, then told them to try the rest at home. End of lesson.

Sigh, I hate always getting mad and having outbursts like these, but sometimes I just can’t take it. Sometimes, I just can’t tolerate it anymore. I feel not respected in the class. And I feel that I’m trying so hard and they just don’t care, what more appreciate it. >.<

I feel like giving up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Day #48 – 10 May 2012

I was somehow a little lost for today’s class. :/

Of course I had prepared my Flipping Fantastic lesson already. It’s just that I kept thinking I should make some changes to it. >.<

So, in the end I decided not to use Handout 13A for the themes and moral values, and make them copy notes instead. This is because I was going to be using the notes for the theme to teach them how to write a short paragraph/essay for their literature component writing section. I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I changed my lesson up a bit, at the last minute.

Okay, fine, I’m a terrible teacher. I should have thought about that before ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway, I discussed it in the class with them, but could only do one theme. I figured I should focus on the characters, since that was coming out for the exams. But that just wouldn’t be fair would it? So that’s why I made them copyย allย the model essays—all four of them. Two on themes, and two on the two characters.

But during discussion, we only managed to come up with points for one theme: Brotherly/Sibling Love, and discussed points and examples for the two characters James and Tristan based on their mind map in the handout. And since they had just done it last week, it was a little redundant to repeat the characteristics in this lesson. It was different with 1 Best because they had done Flipping Fantastic agesssss ago! Sigh. Again, I did not think of that till that exact moment.

Then I realized that I had wanted them to copy the model essays, and also finish the practice sheet as well. And it seemed like a lot of work if I made them write a paragraph each on one theme and one character on their own as well, which I had made 1 Best do. I thought that maybe, 1 Buck would not need that as much, and that they would be able to come up with the points, and string them together better than 1 Best would. So I skipped that.

Instead I just made them do the practice sheet and copy the model essays. I wonder if that was the right thing to do. Well, 1 Best probably needed the practice more than 1 Buck did, so making them write their own paragraphs would be good for them. Yet, I haven’t checked them yet! @.@ How do I know that they’ve done it? Maybe I’ll check their books on Monday, make sure they’ve written their paragraphs and ask them to come find me if they have problems writing them.

Sigh, I wonder if they will even appreciate that >.<

Anyway, class with 1 Buck was a liiiiiittle messy today. But alright. Hopefully they’ll be fine during exams. I have less time with them than 1 Best, so it seems a little rushed. And, like I’m giving them too much homework. But I don’t have a choice! Otherwise, they might not have enough practice to write the literature essays for exams @.@

Day #47 – 9 May 2012

Today’s lesson with 1 Best was the postponed one from last week. I was supposed to have done this with them, but they had that “Indahnya Menjadi Gadis dan Teruna” program during my lesson, and then the boys came back too late to do anything =.=

Anyway, today I was observed by myย guru pembimbing or mentor, Pn. Shahril. I was just thinking that the timing was right because, even though it was already the Revision Weeks before exams, I still had this one lesson proper for her to observe me teaching. Just in time! ๐Ÿ˜€

Coincidentally though, today’s lesson was the same one that Dr. Melor had observed me in last week! ๐Ÿ˜› Ahaha, I guess this is my Observation Lesson, then ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, it was the speaking class that I did with 1 Buck last Friday. They had enjoyed it, so I had hoped that 1 Best would too ๐Ÿ™‚

Pn. Shahril told me that she would only enter for one period, so I suggested she come in during the second one because the first one was the boring input part, while the second would (hopefully) be the more lively practising part! ๐Ÿ™‚

1 Best seemed sleepy today, and a little blur. I took so much of my time explaining my instructions to them. Which is strange because I did not have to do that with 1 Buck. Either 1 Best is really that much weaker, or they were reallyyyyy sleepy at 8.30 am in the morning. :/ Even asking them to copy notes from the board into their handouts required me to walk around the class and check that they had done that. Some even asked me what they were supposed to copy when I had written the examples clearly on the board!

I don’t know what was up with 1 Best today, seriously. >.<

Pn. Shahril came in just in time for the practising part. I made them to the dialogues and goodness, can you believe that they even wasted so much time just deciding who to pick as the next pair for the activity? They were uhmed and aahed and made me a little annoyed. There Pn. Shahril was observing, and they were just taking their sweet time. Sigh.

THEN, when it was the final activity—the most FUN part! ๐Ÿ˜€ 1 Buck had thoroughly enjoyed this part of the lesson and the boys were all clamouring to volunteer to participate in the dialogue with me and win a prize!

With 1 Best, however, the response was not as enthusiastic. Well, yes, we had the normal few who would volunteer: Aswad and Hannah. After that, when I asked for volunteers, nobody wanted to try! And it really looked a little silly, me practically begging them to try the dialogue with me. They said they were shy and didn’t know what to say, etc. Which is just “incredible” since I had already given them all the input they would need to carry out this conversation! I mean, that was the whole point of the first part of the lesson!

While I was almost-begging Fathi to give it a try, Adrian volunteered, thank God. If not, I would have no idea how to proceed with the lesson since we had like 15 minutes left. Adrian was good, as usual. And I was grateful that he volunteered, all the while sneaking glances at Pn. Shahril to see what she thought of my incapability to control my class (T.T).

Then, all of a sudden, in the last 5 minutes, so many of them volunteered! Aina, Fatini and Fathi. Sorry for Fathi, I had given him a chance that he had not appreciated, so I told him I’m sorry, but we did not have enough time. (I do feel bad having to shoot them down for volunteering too late. But. Well, Iย didย give him a chance, didn’t I? *looks ashamed*)

At the end of it, Aswad clearly was the more fluent one, but he was a little too cheeky and naughty for his own good. And blabbered too much during his dialogue. It was either Hannah or Adrian for the win. Pn. Shahril and I decided to give Adrian the prize—the laminated picture of an iPad! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope he liked it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Now he can say his teacher gave him an “iPad”!!!! hahaha~ xD)


btw, I received good comments from Pn. Shahril! :’) Can’t believe it, it’s really too good to be true! I thought that Dr. Melor was toooooo lenient when she said I did well, but if Pn. Shahril says it too, then I guess I must be doingย somethingย right, right? I don’t know. But I feel really good. Thank God for being with me ๐Ÿ™‚ She said that I did a really good job with the class, although she could tell that I struggled with class control a bit (so true! T.T) but she said that she understands completely because they are FORM ONE students, who are naughty and playful and just all-over-the-place all the time! So, yeah. Honestly, I feel so very blessed to have such kind and compassionate mentors, both Dr. Melor and Pn. Shahril. I really appreciate their feedback (although there wasn’t much of it) and I hope that I can be a better teacher who is confident, dedicated and caring! WHOOHOOO~ ๐Ÿ˜€

I carried out the same lesson with 1 Buck today—the quiz! It was the LAST period of the day, so I guess it was rather fitting. And they too, seemed very excited about the whole idea of a quiz. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank God that they changed their class arrangement to a pair-seating one. Before this it was a little hard to manouveur around their tables and chairs. Maybe this seating arrangement is better than the previous one. Anyway, their new arrangement made it easy for me to divide them into groups–4 groups for each column of tables! ๐Ÿ˜›

Then the quiz commenced! ๐Ÿ˜€

They were excited and participative as well, which was good. However, they were just as calculative as 1 Best, and also very vocal about it! I could hear grumblings from certain areas of the class, and I got pretty tired of it. But what was the last straw was when Ahmad sulked and sat under the table. It wasn’t the first time he’d sat under the table during a lesson. So I told him to stay under there, since he liked it so much.

Do you know what he did?

He crawled from under his table to the other side of the class and made the whole class laugh out loud. Maybe it was the weather, maybe I was just tired, but frankly, I had had enough of all this nonsense. And it was completely disrupting my class! >.<

So I scolded him, and scolded the rest of the class as well. I said that I was tired and I was trying to help them prepare for the exams, and here they are goofing around, not caring. If they think they are that good, then I’ll just let them study for the exams on their own. They don’t need me, do they? >.<

Don’t worry, it was only a few minutes. I didn’t want to be a naggy goat! @.@

Anyway, the lesson proceeded, but unfortunately, it cost us some valuable time, and I think they did less questions than 1 Best did during THEIR quiz in class! =.= Anyway, told them to paste the handouts in their Grammar books and to try them out on their own first as practice. I hope I will have time to discuss it with them before the exams! @.@

Super tired day, today, somehow. :/

For 1 Best today, since they complained about how dry and boring yesterday’s lesson was, since it was just exercise only, I decided to do Grammar with them in the form of a quiz!

Yup, they were really excited about it. ๐Ÿ˜€

But I didn’t expect them to be so calculative! :O When they put up their hands, I call on the person whose hands I see go up first, right? But, I mean, how can I humanly see EVERYONE at one go and measure accurately who was first? Of course it’s based on what I can see. And sometimes when I’m not sure whose hand went up first, I call on those who are normally quiet and don’t have much to say in class. I’m giving them a chance to speak up and participate in class. Is that wrong? :/

They complained and said that I wasn’t being fair etc. I got a little annoyed. And yes, I did say that I would award them points if they could explain to me WHY an option is wrong, or why it can only be this answer and not the others. I would give them 2 points instead of 5 then. Then every time they answered some question that I addressed to the rest of the class, they grumbled and then would demand for points. Sigh. After a while it got kinda tiring having to field all these “attacks” >.<

Anyway, the class was definitely not lethargic today! @.@

They were super enthusiastic and lively. But when it came time to discuss the answers, I lose the interest of some of the boys. The girls are alright, I think. And some of the boys too. Just a few of them just don’t really bother much. And Nash is sleeping in my class now. When I ask, they always say he’s dizzy, or has a headache. But he can’t be dizzy ALL THE TIME, right? But if I even doubt them, will it seem like I’m very callous? Or uncaring? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I don’t wanna appear like that to my students! T.T

Anyway, didn’t manage to finish all the questions with them. Only a little. So I hope they can go back and try them on their own. I fear that it won’t be enough for them. They will certainly need a little more guidance! @.@ I hope I will have time to discuss the items with them next week before their exams. I really pray they will do well this time :/

Day #46 – 7 May 2012

I actually got relief for 1 Best today for period 6, and I was entering their class again at periods 8 and 9. So I took the extra time to start off on the lesson.

Well, it wasn’t exactly a lesson. It was a “Practice for Exam” class. I think 1 Best really needed it, because they need a lot of guidance. Not all of them did very well for the March test. :/

So I actually allocated today’s lesson, two periods, for going through with them the different sections and types of questions that would be coming out for their mid-year exams: Graphics and Texts, Rational Cloze, Meaning in Context and Reading Comprehension.

I went veryyyyyyyyy slowly. I did it with them question by question and modeled the thought process for them. For example, I kept asking them questions like, “Okay, what can you see in the picture? What does it say? What does the question want? Underline/circle it. Write notes. Then look at the options; which one is the most suitable one? Is A right? Why is it wrong? What about B? Is it accurate? Is that what the question wants?” etc.


Super tiring and straining on my voice, I tell you. I had to clear my throat a few times cos it hurt a little :/

Anyway, I did that with them for both Graphics and Texts, and Rational Cloze, but couldn’t complete Rational Cloze. By the second period, most of them were tired out and sleepy. I don’t blame them. It wasย thatย time in the afternoon. >.<

But I had no choice. I might consider doing this in the form of a quiz tomorrow and see how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope they will really take this seriously and actually learn something from it. :/