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Day #60 – 25 May 2012


I was grumbling about the “apple green” theme that they set for the day—mostly because I don’t have anything apple-green. None of my kurung is in that colour, and I sure didn’t have time to go shopping for one in that colour. I can’t even BORROW one from anybody cos there are only a precious FEW people who are my size =.= (Jessie didn’t have any apple green ones. I asked.)

Anyway, it actually turned out kinda fun watching all the other teachers coming in in different shades of green, different styles. It was quite funny and cool at the same time, to look out over a sea of green 😉

Some of the female teachers looked really reallyyyyy good! Pn. Shahril, especially. Her kurung was beautiful, and her scarf was absolutely lovely! I can’t help staring at her—she’s always so pretty and fashionably dressed. 😀 (She later won Best Dressed Female :P)

It was kinda cool to march into the hall amidst the kompang and bunga mangga, and to have flower petals tossed over your head by the prefects! Felt a little like a wedding, though @.@ haha~

Then, we sang Kami Guru Malaysia and the new Guru Inovatif Melonjakkan Transformasi Pendidikan Negara. (It’s kind of a mouthful, isn’t it? @.@) At first, I didn’t like the new song. Kami Guru Malaysia had more……”feel”, you know? But the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you 🙂 So, I kinda like it now! It’s got a very modern feel 😛

Then we also performed a medley of folk songs! Enjit enjit semut, Lenggang Kangkung and Burung Kakak Tua. Um, it was actually very embarrassing! Cos we did actions and stuff, and even “lenggang”! xD But when you see Pn. Kalsom, the GPK Koko and even Pn. Ju, our Principal, bending over and walking like a “nenek tua”—it makes you want to be sporting as well. If they can do it, why can’t I? 😛

We also sang this song, called Biar Ku Menjadi Lilin (Pelangi) that was really really touching. I like the lyrics a lot. And some teachers were in tears by the end of it too. I find it a really apt song for teachers to sing. It’s absolutely beautiful :’)

Biarku menjadi lilin

Memberikan cahaya

Terangi sekeliling dengan diri terbakar

Tak siapa yang sedar

Di saat kegelapan rela aku berkorban

Demi satu harapan

Aku tak kan bertanya

Apakah nanti balasannya?

Setiap pengorbanan setiap pemberian

Demi satu ikatan

Keikhlasan di hati

Walaupun sering kau ragui

Pada suatu masa dan suatu ketika

Akan ketara jua

The other performances were alright. The Form One boys performed a dikir barat which they’d only practised for only two days because of exams. But I thought they were really good! 😀 And to see one of my boys, Idzral, leading the group, I felt an inexplicable feeling of pride. I didn’t even train him or anything, but I felt pride in his doing so well 🙂 There were many other boys from both the classes I teach up there in the dikir barat and also for the nasyid. Mostly, they were song performances. There was even a band, but they sang a song I didn’t really know. :/ The sajak declamation was also really good! I had no idea Syafiqah was so good at it 🙂 She was passionate, and very clear in her diction 🙂

But I guess the best performances of the day was when Mr. Zuraidi went up on stage and rocked it out! xD He’d picked a Malay rock song and was practically rocking it out onstage, much to the delight of the students! I tell you, they were waving their arms in the air and rocking out along with him! I was pretty shocked to see Mr. Zuraidi actually loosen his tie and flip his collar up—he looked quite like a gangster!! @.@ haha~ But he certainly got the whole crowd in the hall going! 😉 It was all in good fun. It is Teacher’s Day, anyway. 😛

Then, would you believe it? We still had Explorace for the teachers. So there was quite some running around. I had to run in my long maxi skirt! @.@ Goodness. Still, we ended up being the last group to complete the entire route. Sigh. Oh well, it’s not about the winning. It’s about having fun 😀

I was just looking forward to the Teacher’s Day lunch that Pn. Ju had so kindly sponsored. There were plenty of desserts and side dishes that teachers had also contributed. The dining hall was beautifully decorated with green streamers and balloons and ribbons. It made me wonder how many students had been involved in all this work. And there were students who were there to greet us and give us Big Apple donuts! xD Then they were also serving us as we ate. I felt quite sorry for them. They must be really hungry and tired, but they had to wait until the teachers were done before they could have a bite themselves. :/

Anyway, ate to my fill, even took some pictures with some students. 🙂

Had a really fun day, and received so many presents that I had to use my big TESCO recyclable bag to carry them all! 😀

I was very touched by some of their gifts, gifts from students I never expected from too. Some were students that I didn’t even teach, but had entered their classes for relief a couple of times. How sweet of them! 😀 There were chocolates and scented candles, a pretty face towel, paper holders, a tupperware(!), pens etc. It was lovely to receive presents. 🙂 But I didn’t really mind if there weren’t any, either. There were students who actually came up to me, wished me a Happy Teacher’s Day, and then apologized for not getting me anything! @.@ I told them it was not necessary, and a sincere wish from them was more than enough 😀

But the best ending to a great day was driving home to Home Sweet Home Seremban, after having not come home for about a month.

It’s good to be home. 🙂

Now, to enjoy my two weeks of holidays! 😉



p.s: I have handed in the draft of my thesis, and I just finished marking my students’ essays. I guess I can really enjoy my holidays now!! 😛


Day #59 – 24 May 2012

Been busy marking papers each time I enter classes to invigilate for exams. And it’s taking me FOREVER.

Seriously, I realize it’s not that easy to mark papers. And I am so so so sooo grateful that I’m marking Form 1 papers! I look at Sun marking Form 4 and I shudder. They write much more than the Form Ones, so there’s much more to correct and read.

For the Form Ones, although I lament that they don’t write enough (how can you write less than half a page for a 25-mark essay???!!! >.<) I am secretly thankful for the many who do. Because if each of them wrote a-page-and-a-half long essay, I’d be marking their essays till next year! @.@

Okay, I’m exaggerating.

But you get my point, don’t you? I mean, I already have a headache marking their short error-filled essays. I can’t imagine if they’d written pages! =.=

At least I’m done with 1 Best’s English paper 2. I’m now working on 1 Buck’s. Thankfully, 1 Buck seems to be faring much better. Phew. I was beginning to get worried.

I think 1 Best lacks practice. They really don’t write enough. Sigh. When they don’t, there’s nothing much I can do. With so short an essay, they cannot get higher than a C band. What can I do? 😦

Oh, would you believe that I relieved a class that was playing ping pong at the back of the class after their exams? @.@ Yup, my first time hearing of (and seeing) such a thing too! xD

Anyway, I got my first Teacher’s Day gift today! 😀

It was from Aqilah, because she says she won’t be coming to school tomorrow since her family has a prior engagement. Want to see it? 🙂

Wrapped very neatly in a sweet teddy-bear motif wrapper 🙂

Guess what it is? 😛

Awwww. It was so sweet of her! I was very touched that she planned to give it to me in advance because she wasn’t coming tomorrow.

Such a sweet girl, Aqilah. Small and tiny and petite—like me! 😉


Ooh~ I’m excited! Teacher’s Day celebrations tomorrow and then it’s a two-week break!


btw, I think I’m done with my Draft #2 for my academic exercise. Hope to get it printed and delivered to Dr’s pigeon hole by today. Then I can truly enjoy my holidays! 😀 Hope everything goes well! 🙂

Today was a hot, hot, HOT day.

It was tough invigilating some classes. You know, at one something in the afternoon, when the sun is scorching, and it’s humid, and everywhere you look is glaringly bright?

Then you enter a class for invigilation, where the teacher’s table is “strategically” placed at a spot where there is no ceiling fan, and the students are all hot and bothered, and most are already sleeping, having completed their paper.

In those classes, I force myself to walk around the classroom; otherwise, I know I’d have to fight to keep my eyes open! @.@

4 Set was one of those classes. But surprisingly, for a class that didn’t give me any problems before, a couple of the boys at the back were acting up today. I had no idea why. They’d finished their Bio 2 paper waayyyyyy too early, it seems, and then were fidgety the entire time after. I had to keep giving them the evil eye so they’d stop whispering and giggling amongst themselves =.= I know they weren’t copying or trying to get answers from each other, but still. They’re not supposed to be talking during exams.

Anyway, when I got back to the staffroom, there was a fiasco, according to Sun. Apparently, there was a miscommunication between the Biology teachers and nobody had set the Biology Paper 2.

Ahem. I repeat.


What happened was, this teacher thought the other teacher was doing it, and that teacher thought this teacher was doing it, and the teacher who was supposed to have done it had no idea she was supposed to be doing the paper and was conveniently on leave today too! @.@

And they discovered this barely a few hours before the paper began for the Form Fours!

So, one of the teachers quickly grabbed a copy of last year’s examination paper from the question bank and got it photocopied. It was a miracle that they managed to rezzo all the question papers, sort them and staple each set in time for the paper!

Sun was anxiously waiting in the classroom mere minutes before the exam began with no paper in sight. And thankfully, the papers arrived in the nick of time. Well, they started a liiiiittle late, but it was a miracle, nonetheless.

Sun said the students actually noticed that the papers were a little “hot”.

Well, duh, since they were just “hot” from the “oven”!!! xD

Phew. But seriously, I was completely appalled. How could things like that happen? How could they miss out a paper? Thankfully, a real disaster was avoided. Otherwise, I think some heads were gonna roll! *gulp*

Oh, and the Nazir did another surprise inspection today! But I have not heard anything yet, so I think we didn’t fare as badly as we did the last one. Which is good, I guess. 🙂

Exciting day, eh? 😉

Day #56 – 22 May 2012

I had the shock of my life when Kak Ida gave me my relief slips and I was supposed to have entered 3 Gem at 8.10am when it was already 8.45am! @.@


Thankfully, Pn. Norpizah had already started the Science Paper 1 for them, and I supposed to just take over for the next 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it was havoc in the class as well.

Missing pages, missing questions, unclear diagrams….!!! @.@

Pn. Isramimi must have been running all around like a chicken who’d lost its head! I know I felt like I was one, when one student after another kept raising their hands to ask me questions about the paper. And it began the moment I sat down during relief!

Pn. Hanira was supposed to relieve the class after me, but she was late by…25 minutes. She had gotten her relief slip late too. She looked very flustered as well. >.< It was alright, though. I myself was late too, at no fault of mine. So I could understand that. Seriously, relief is very important! Especially for the first two periods.

Anyway, I also got relief for 4 Best today. And it was embarrassing.

There are a couple of problematic boys in 4 Best too. The kinds with bad attitudes. >.<

Apparently I had a teeny tiny piece of tissue stuck to the corner of my lip, and these nothing-better-to-do boys, noticed. Even in the midst of my exams. Which is nothing really, if he hadn’t kept trying to tell me DURING THE EXAM, and making the entire two rows of boys there STARE AT ME TOO.

I couldn’t exactly let them see me attempt to remove whatever it was that was on my face which I couldn’t see, right? >.< So I ignored the boy, gesturing wildly at his lip, trying to tell me I had something there.

When I got safely back to the staff room, I was annoyed to see that it was such a tiny sliver of tissue that it was barely noticeable! >.< ISH.


Don’t they have anything better to do than this? =.=

Day #55 – 21 May 2012

Today was quite packed with relief classes.

I thought I could get some of my thesis editing work done, but I didn’t even take my laptop out of its bag! Basically just brought it from my room and back, just as it is =.=

2 Best was noisy. They weren’t having a paper, which is a relief. But at the same time, it makes it harder to control them. Because they’re apparently in “study” mode, but they’re noisy like crazy! @.@

I had to reprimand them quite sternly because the Form Ones next door were having exams for ICT. Also, a boy had gone missing for the first 15 minutes I was in the class—Irfan. Two of the girls went to get him from 2 Perd. >.< He’s got a very defiant and rebellious face, that’s for sure. But somehow, I have a feeling that he’s actually a good kid. The last time I was in their class, we played the “Word Formation” game and he was hard at work! Which makes me believe that he’s smart, and alright. Just hanging with the wrong crowd, probably.

So I talked to him, told him that he really needed to be in class, especially if there’s a teacher. Because if anything happened to him, like if he fell down into the longkang, I’d be responsible. I told him to use his time wisely and prepare for the next exam paper.

He didn’t want to look at me, really. But at the end of it, I really appreciated the fact that, after I’d reprimanded and advised him a little, he actually said, “Terima kasih, Cikgu.” It felt nice 🙂

5 Buck was a really good class. No problems whatsoever. Even though almost ALL were done with the paper by the time I entered the class (it was Pendidikan Seni objective paper), they were basically silent.

It’s really peaceful and nice to enter classes like that. No worries at all! 😀

1 Best, on the other hand, was restless as usual. And even though they were doing Maths Paper 2, I think it was too simple for them! Half an hour into the paper, they were almost done! And they had another one hour and fifteen minutes to go! >.<

And boy, do Form 1 kids LOVEEEEEEEEEEE to fidget! @.@

They’ll scratch here, and scratch there, swing their feet, tap on the table, knock on the doors, giggle at the smallest things, sigh loudly, YAWN loudly, stretch the arms wide, sharpen their pencils etc. and goodness knows what else! My gosh. It’s really tiring invigilating a Form 1 class. You can’t sit down for too long because they will do something that will make you have to get up!

Scolded Nash today, and almost made sure he got a zero for the paper. He was just making too many disruptions during the class, and I had given him many chances already. I took his paper from him, and wrote a note to Mr. Syakir, the teacher marking their Maths papers, that he was talking during the exam.

I know he wasn’t copying from people. Still, it’s annoying. And these are rules during an examination that you are supposed to follow. You can’t just whisper and talk and laugh and giggle with your friends and then disrupt the class by knocking over this and that! It’s distracting >.<

And when I asked him if he had anything to say for himself, he said no. Not even an apology, which I was not expecting to get, anyway. But I made him promise me that he would not do such things again.

Well, that’s progress I suppose.

But then again, he’d promised me he’d behave in class before too. Look where that got us! =.=