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Day #36 – 21 Apr 2012

Can you believe that we still had Choral Speaking practice today? Even though it was a Saturday?

Well, the students were the ones who wanted to have practice. Quite frankly, I was not very keen on the idea of having to stay back after school on a SATURDAY. Still, I am too soft and I listen to what the students want, plus, they really do need the practice, since the competition is (hopefully, still) next Friday.

Unfortunately, about slightly less than half turned up for practice today! Which is really frustrating because, in Choral Speaking, you can’t really practice properly when not all the members are present. There’s not enough volume, and it’s difficult to “imagine” the person next to you, or “look” at the solo who isn’t really there.

I was really disappointed with the attendance and decided to cut the practice short. We had about an hour of practice then I sent them all home. I felt it was pointless to keep practising when it was clear that not everyone was there. And, I didn’t want to penalize those who did come for practice. At least let them go home earlier to rest too.

Competition is next week, and I feel really nervous for them. We have to fine-tune even more and also possibly kick out two persons or, to put it in a nicer way, make them “reserves” before the competition. Hope everything goes well during the last week of practices. :/


Yes, it’s a Saturday. But we have school—replacement for Hari Raya Haji which, unfortunately, is a holiday that we (Sun and I) won’t be able to enjoy because our practical would have ended by then. How unfair! @.@

Today, we follow the Thursday schedule, which means that I have a double period with 1 Buck.

When I entered the class, almost everyone was present, which is apparently a great achievement considering the attendance in some of the other classes (I heard from the other teachers, and in the relief class I took). Only 2 were absent, and 2 prefects were involved in the launch of the Koperasi Pendidikan Khas.

For today’s class, I decided to play a game with them. One reason is because it’s a Saturday, and I didn’t want to do something too heavy or dull; plus, they were ahead in lessons compared to 1 Best now, so it was alright if we did something light but topic-related.

In addition, they weren’t really in the mood to study, they told me. Because it was Saturday. haha~

So I came up with this game called Timetable Sudoku. Here are the details of the game:

AIM: To complete the incomplete timetable of 1 Jujur by using the written clues given.

HOW TO PLAY: Each student will be given an incomplete timetable of 1 Jujur, and a single written clue. The written clues will help you fill up the empty slots in the timetable. However, you will need all the clues from the other students to complete your timetable. You have to go around all the students and share your clues with one another. Some of the clues may be repeated, therefore, you will need to distinguish them. You are allowed to walk around within the confines of the classroom. The first person to complete the timetable correctly will win a prize! 😀

RULES: There are 3 conditions to the game. 1) You are not allowed to speak. All interactions with other students have to be silent. 2) You must hold on to your original written clue at all times. 3) You must not show your timetable to anyone else. Breaking any of these rules will disqualify you from the game.

Well, my rationale for coming up with this game is so that again, they will have to use their knowledge of prepositions of time, which they have learned, in order to win the game. They will also need to make use of their critical and analytical skills to complete the timetable quickly. And finally, I made the “No Speaking” rule because I wanted this to be a form of reading comprehension practice as well as to keep the noise to a minimum.

I took time to explain the rules to them before I started the game so that they were clear about the rules. I didn’t want confusion and chaos once the game started! @.@

Anyway, the game went well, I think 🙂 They were all walking around the class, or going off into a corner to work on their timetables. However, I kept hearing murmuring so I had to remind them not to speak or they would be disqualified. I walked around to facilitate and make sure they did not allow their friends to copy their timetables. That would completely defeat the purpose! @.@

Excluding the explanation on how to play the game, the whole activity took about 20 to 25 minutes. Some were able to complete it, a few gave up already. Those who completed it would be given a number according to the order in which they completed it. Then, after the game, we compiled all the clues together—there were 15 in all. They would need all these clues in order to truly complete the timetable. I made them copy the clues into their Reading Comprehension books. Then we discussed and completed the timetable together. 🙂

Aiman was the first to finish his timetable, but when I checked, there were mistakes! So Hamzah, who came in second but had gotten the timetable right, won the marshmallow prize I had promised! 😀

As a subsequent task, I asked them to make ten new sentences describing the timetable of 1 Jujur using all these prepositions of time: (a) at, (b) by, (c) on, (d) before and (e) after. They could refer to the clues that they had copied down because they could make sentences similar to those.

Pn. Kartini still hasn’t returned their Reading Comprehension books to them so they had to do all the exercises and work in pieces of paper first, which isn’t ideal. Hopefully, they get their books back soon. Otherwise, all their work will eventually get lost! >.<

Anyway, wasn’t too bad a class. Hope they had fun! 😉

This was what I wore today. A very comfortable blouse, but very easily crumpled! ARGH. >.<


1. Handout 20A (Timetable Sudoku)

2. Handout 20B (Written Clues)

3. Handout 20A–Answers (Teacher’s Copy)

Day #35 – 20 Apr 2012

Had Choral Speaking practice again today, even though it was a Friday 😦

Stayed back to start practice t 2.45pm till 5.00pm! @.@ The students are wayyyyy too enthusiastic than normal kids, I think. A little bit scary >.< Still, the competition is really soon, and they really need the practice anyway. Too bad the competition is most probably going to be postponed to May, instead of being done and over with next Friday.

Anyway, I let Azizah take lead of the practice today. I stood the entire time though, so tiring! @.@ And I still listened and stopped them and gave my comments or corrected their pronunciation and tone. They were still making the same mistakes over and over and over again! It really is frustrating! >.<

Only 16 were there for practice today. The rest were MIA! ARGH. It’s really difficult to practice when not all the members of the group are present, especially the solos. When there’s less people, the “together” spirit is not really there, and you can tell it from the way they choral read. Their voices have less energy and enthusiasm, and it just isn’t the same as when there is almost a complete full group.

Hopefully everyone is free from all their various other programs and involvements by next week. Otherwise, we’re going to be in trouble! >.< Anyway, there’s practice tomorrow after school as well—1.45pm-3.45pm. I pray that it will be a fruitful and productive practice! 😀


ps: Oh, btw, I forgot to mention that two of my students actually gave me souvenirs from their trip to Bandung last week! 😀 Ziaudin (1 Best) gave me a lovely pen with an intricate design on the outside, and Akmal (1 Buck) gave me a pretty key chain that says “Bandung”! I was so touched! :’)

It’s Friday! 😀

Unfortunately, we still have school tomorrow. Sigh. 😦

Anyway, for today’s class with 1 Buck, it’s a lesson that I have not carried out (and maybe plan not to) with 1 Best. A reading lesson, if you will. For the pre-reading stage, I asked all of them to close their eyes, and just relax. It was a little difficult to concentrate because at that moment, for some reason, the students from the neighbouring classes were  particularly noisy. Thankfully, it did not last very long. Still, it disrupt the class a little :/ ( I had to close the class doors to shut out the noise >.<)

When their eyes were closed, I asked them to imagine what school would be like, 100 years into the future! What would the school be like, would there be teachers? I told them to think about these things, and then to open their eyes. I asked them to share what they imagined school in the future to be like. One said that tables would be digital screens where everything can be access with a touch of a finger. One said the teachers would be robots. One said that there would escalators. One said there would be netbooks built into the tables. Others said they would be coming to school in a flying bus! 😉 Interesting answers indeed!

Then, for the while-reading stage, I played them an audio file (just sound) with my laptop and Sun’s speakers. I had recorded myself reading the text from the textbook and planned to play it out for them. The rationale was that I wanted them to be able to read silently following the voice and to try to understand what they were reading based on the tones of the speaker (from the audio file).

It worked very well. They were very cooperative and silent during the playing of the audio file. I could consider using this method again, because, some advantages are that students are silent and are able to concentrate just on the voice and their reading, and they were also able to hear how certain words should be pronounced, and at the same time, students would be reading at the same pace, together, instead of all finishing at different rates. @.@

For the post-reading stage, then I went through the questions on the side column with them. I called on different students to provide the answers, and not only that, I asked them from which part of the text were they able to draw or deduce from to obtain that answer. Which paragraph? Which lines? All were able to answer them correctly, with prompts and cues from me 🙂

Hopefully, they were able to truly understand and follow the passage well 😀 Then of course, we did the exercises together. Again, I called on students to provide the answers and probed them to give me textual evidence from the passage that told them that. We discussed the answers together, for both Sections B and C on pages 75 from the textbook. After which, of course, I made them copy everything into their Reading Comprehension books.

However, they didn’t seem to have their Reading Comprehension books—they were still with Pn. Kartini, and sadly, Pn. Kartini was not around today! >.< Bummer. It’s really quite difficult when students don’t have their books, because that would mean they would have to do their work elsewhere first, before being able to paste them in their right books. I am so afraid that their work would get lost! >.<

Anyway, I told them to do them in a different book first, then paste it in the right book after that.

I found that I had plenty of time to spare! Almost about a half hour! >.< Sometimes I over-estimate the time. I often do that because I still prefer having time left over than not enough time at all! With the extra time, I can allow students to begin work on their subsequent task, and I have the time to walk around the class and check on students’ work, and they have ample time to ask me any questions that arise as they do their work!

Although a bit worrying, because there was a lot of time left over, still, I think it was a rather good lesson. A wee bit dry, because there was nothing really exciting and it was just a reading activity during the last two periods of the day. Yet, it wasn’t all too bad. I was able to talk to the students about some of their previous work, and they were also able to ask me questions. 😀

School tomorrow! *sigh* T________T

ps: Just felt like wearing my favourite Nicole blouse with a long maxi skirt and butterfly belt today! 😉

Day #34 – 19 Apr 2012

I had one relief class today, which is expected since the Teachers’ Parliamentary Debate was over yesterday and I am no longer involved :/

I was supposed to enter 4 Waw actually, but due to some reasons, I switched with Sun and entered 3 Gem in the last period instead. I am alright with 3 Gem. There are a few students there who try hard and are willing to learn. So I don’t mind entering classes like those. I know that, despite everything, some of them will still be able to benefit from my teaching.

I had planned, at first, to make them copy a model essay from the Model PMR Compositions book, but somehow thought maybe giving them a spelling test might also be helpful. I’d been doing spelling tests with a lot of my relief classes, teaching them new vocabulary, and then discussing certain words that are common errors, and then rewarding the student(s) with the best score with marshmallows (which seem to be a favourite with some of them!) 😀

So when I entered, I gave them a choice—and they chose the spelling test. 3 Gem is actually alright, except for a few of the boys sitting at the back of the class. They were talking and laughing too much, and making it very very difficult for me to teach 😦 I still have not mastered how to make students fear me. They bully me too much, and I let them 😦

Anyway, I was glad that the class did relatively well. One student got a full score (I owe him marshmallows) and another boy got 13/15. Which is really quite good! 😀 And while I was explaining certain words, I encouraged them to make notes. Hopefully, they actually do that. :/

A few of the girls approached me after the class to ask if I gave tuition, and I said I don’t. They even asked me where I stayed. I guess they were hoping to come to my house for tuition, I suppose. But I was quite encouraged when they told me that they understood better and liked my relief classes with them (previously I had taught them simple SVA and Tenses during relief). I liked that the girls would not only ask me questions, but quite challenging ones too. Ones that I may not have expected them to ask 🙂

I told her that she was always welcome to try out exercises and show them to me, or ask me any questions at all, if she had them. They could find me anytime in the staff room; I would be more than happy to help 🙂 And honestly, I am! Students like these make me happy to be a teacher 🙂

Besides that, Sun and I were helping Cikgu Mazira to paste the wise sayings, quotes and idioms all around the canteen area and Language Kiosk, as well as in front of the office. En. Zaidi said that the design was too simple :/ But oh well, the sayings are pretty okay, and that’s what we want students to read and learn, don’t we? 😀

Choral Speaking practice today was a mess! @.@ I don’t know why they started adding more and more new stuff to the script, with new actions and everything! I just worry that they won’t be able to memorize everything well enough in time for the competition! >.< But Sun says I worry too much, or care too much. I find it really hard to balance between wanting it to be the students’ work, and doing what I think is best.

At this point, I personally feel we should just keep practising what we already have and fine-tune the movements and actions so that they are all uniform and together. But some of them (so many leaders in this group!) want to make it more interesting and add even more actions, changing all that they’ve been practising for weeks now. I am afraid that it will only make them confused, and then we’ll compromise all the progress that we’ve made so far! >.<

What should I do? If I tell them no, I’m afraid that it will seem like I’m not negotiable and a controller, or dictator. I don’t want to say no because I want them to be able to have a say as well, since this is their thing, their competition, their choral speaking experience. Yet, I have a bad feeling about making too many changes at this point, just a mere week before the competition. Still, for all I know, things might go really well and they’ll be able to handle the changes, no problem at all. Then I would have made a fuss for nothing! >.<

Anyway, headache came back, and I was so tired during practice that I barely could talk by the end of it. I think the students could sense how moody I was, too :/

All the best, Choral Speakers! I hope we can do well.

Had only one class today—with 1 Buck. I was hoping to show them the video that most of them missed last week, just like I did for 1 Best, since it seemed there would be enough time to do so. I lugged my heavy laptop bag, which was difficult since it rained cats and dogs this morning and my umbrella was too small to fit me and all my bags T.T

Anyway, I had my laptop ready, asked to borrow Sun’s speakers so I could play the video with better sound quality this time. But………..I was unable to obtain the most important equipment of all—the LCD projector! 😦

I asked Cikgu Mas Yanti about getting the portable for my lesson today, which I figured I wouldn’t really have to “fight” with other teachers for, since my class was only second and third period. Unfortunately, she said that since yesterday they were using it for the Closing Ceremony, Pn. Aisyah was in charge of it yesterday and it has not been returned to her yet. And of course, I could not contact Pn. Aisyah, because she was having class >.<

Sigh. Again, unable to carry out what I had planned. Thankfully it was not in my lesson plan, and I was just disappointed because I could not show the kids the video today 😦 Maybe I can try again on Saturday when we have school 🙂

Carried out the same lesson I did with 1 Best, but without the video at the beginning, of course. However, I changed the order of the lesson a little bit. I recapped the lesson and did the summary of the poem for Mr. Nobody first, because a lot of them weren’t in class last week for the psychometric evaluation test. So, since the lesson for today was hinged on the knowledge of what the poem is about, I decided to do the summary first.

After doing the summary, we did the themes and moral values. We discussed, well, I kind of led them to the answers and they copied them into their handouts. Only after that, I told them my own personal story about blaming someone else for my mistake when I was in Primary Six. After which I asked them to discuss with their friend and share about a similar incident that happened to them 🙂

And, unlike 1 Best, they actually did discuss with their friends. It did get a little noisy for a bit, but at least they were sharing stories, and it was to be expected anyway. Then, I managed to ask quite a number of students to come forward and share their stories! I decided to allocate a little more time than planned for this part of the activity. There were some who actually volunteered, and some, though when I called them seemed reluctant to go up to speak, were actually quite okay with sharing their stories. So, yes, a better lesson than with 1 Buck 😀

I managed to emphasize more on the moral values with this class than with 1 Best. We talked about how “Honesty is the best policy”, how admitting to your mistakes should be our first step after doing something wrong. I feel like I should have talked more on these values, but did not have time. Nevertheless, I did not stress or emphasize on admitting their mistakes or on what the consequences were, or why they did not admit to their mistakes, or what they’ve learned from the stories they shared. In retrospect, I probably should’ve. I concentrated more on getting as many students to share their stories as I could =.=

Still, it was good speaking practice. Many kept reverting to BM though. I had to keep reminding them to speak in English, as far as possible. I mean, you can only learn if you keep practising, right? Only then can I truly help you :/

Then we did the Crime Profile, which they also seemed to enjoy. They laughed when I said “Crime” 😛 And I was quite surprised to see one of the boys getting excited about being able to draw their own faces as the “culprit” of the “crime”! I had assumed that only the girls liked to draw, but apparently, some of the boys do too! 😀

Maybe I should try to incorporate more arts and crafts, and drawing activities into my lessons 🙂



1. Handout 18A (Mr. Nobody: Themes and Moral Values)

2. Handout 18B (Crime Profile)

Day #33 – 18 Apr 2012

I thought today was the finals for the Teachers’ Parliamentary Debate, but it wasn’t really. :/

It was Part II of the semi-finals. The finals would be in Ipoh on the 14th and 15th of May. I’m confused though, why the winning team from yesterday’s debate would be battling another team today as part of the semi-finals, meaning that the semi-finals were between 3 teams instead of 4. @.@

I had no idea before this, but today I found out that yesterday was actually Johor vs. Wilayah, and since Wilayah won, today’s debate was actually Wilayah vs. Kedah. Now, as the timekeeper, I was able to listen to the debate, although not completely focused on it. Yesterday, I thought the Government (Johor) team would win, but the Opposition (Wilayah) did instead. Today, the Wilayah team was Government and the Kedah team, Opposition. For today’s debate, although the Opposition team had a very charismatic third speaker, I still think the Government had made a very strong case, and therefore deserved the win today 😀

The Wilayah team had a very good third speaker as well; slightly more aggressive than the other speakers I’ve seen, but very convincing. Not only that, I thought she was also very clear and sure of her ideas, and were able to put them forth quite simply and clearly. Hence, I agree with the adjudicators’ decision to award her the Best Debater! 🙂

This time, though, Sun and I switched roles. I rang the bell, and she flashed the cards. No problems whatsoever. Today, we were even more organized and were not as terrified as we were yesterday 😛

I also had the chance to speak with some of the debaters from Johor who, although had lost yesterday, came again today to watch today’s debate between Kedah and Wilayah and to attend the Closing Ceremony. One, I was particularly drawn to, honestly speaking. A Ms. Shobana Seelan 🙂 She won the Best Debater Award for yesterday’s debate, and whose team (the Government) I thought should have won, actually :/ But oh well.

I discovered that she was actually just 26 years old—a mere two years my senior! 😀 That she is originally from Selangor, but was posted to Johor; hence, the reason why she was representing Johor in the Teacher’s Day Debate 😛 We got to talking about teaching and future career paths etc. and it really felt nice to be able to talk to a peer who understood the struggles of teaching, yet could also offer me some “senior” advice on what to do next.

I spent quite some time chatting with her just before the Closing Ceremony 🙂 We hugged and she gave me her contact email address to keep in touch. Which I think is absolutely great! 😉 I guess it is at events and programs like these that we have an opportunity to network and build friendships with fellow teachers in the field from all over the country 😀

I was glad to have been “pulled” to be involved in the Teachers’ Parliamentary Debate. I think it was an eye-opening and interesting experience, besides granting me the opportunity to sort of get to know others in the education field across the country 🙂

Choral Speaking today was a little frustrating because more than half of the group were prefects and they had a prefects’ meeting with Mr. Thina today! I had barely half the group standing in front of me and of course the volume was bad and they dynamics were just less than satisfactory. However, I think we managed to practice through the script a couple of times, though not completely perfect, and timed ourselves.

Excluding the entrance but including the exit, we were 7 and a half minutes. Which is good, because the maximum is 8 minutes 🙂 But we’re cutting it a little close.

When the prefects and everybody else were finally done with their meeting and everyone was there, it was almost 4.30 pm! ARGH! >.< However, once everyone was in, the quality was so so so much better! 😀

Yes, we’re still not perfect, and I’m still not completely satisfied with the last two stanzas, still, it has been some great improvement. I just hope that we’ll only get better and better this last week before the competition and really do the school proud! 😀 Everyone has quite high hopes since they won second place last year. But, it’s a different group this time, surely they can’t expect us to WIN this year, right? That’s a lot of pressure! @.@ *gulp*

But of course, I do hope that the team will do well and we can do the best that we can. Of course I hope that we can win 😀 But I know that even if we don’t, it’s still alright. I just hope the kids won’t be too disappointed 😦

Had a headache today during Choral Speaking practice which was really annoying. Thankfully, I managed to get two Panadol pills from Hasrul earlier, and by the end of practice, I was feeling much much better 🙂

Practice as usual tomorrow! Hope everyone can be there and give their full cooperation and support! Ganbatte! Aja-aja fightingggggg~ 😀

I was once again involved in the Teachers’ Parliamentary Debate today, and was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to enter my class.

However, the debate only started at 10.00 am, and my class with 1 Best was from 8.10 am to 9.30 am—two periods. Could I go in for one period, at least?

So I talked to Datin and asked her who was assigned to relieve my class. Pn. Shahril was. Unfortunately, I was unable to find Pn. Shahril anywhere in the staff room, and I had to go for class already, if I wanted to enter to teach.

So I headed to 1 Best first. I told them about being involved in the Teachers’ Debate and that I would only be able to enter for one period before the relief teacher comes in. So, as planned, I did the “postman” trick with them as I did with 1 Buck. I told them that I had met the postman that morning and that he had letters that he wanted me to help him deliver to them 😀

They didn’t believe me, either 😛

Anyway, we managed to go through the letter and underline all the prepositions of time we had learned, which I recapped with them on the board. I reminded them to underline only prepositions of time. For example, “in school” is not a preposition of time, but “in the afternoon” is.

After we’d done that, I taught them the parts of the letter:

1. Sender’s Address

2. Date

3. Salutation

4. Introduction

5. Body

6. Sign-Off

7. Signature

Which I made them label in their letters. Then we went through the letter together, understanding it together. Then I pointed out common things that you would write in a letter, for example, telling the sender “Thank you for your letter,” and “I hope to hear from you soon” etc. I also reminded the students to follow the format of the informal letter in order to write their reply letter. For example, if the sender asked about what time assembly in their school was, to make sure to answer it. 🙂

I actually managed to do all that in one period, during which Pn. Shahril had appeared outside the class looking confused as to why she had gotten relief for the class when I was inside =.= I felt so bad that she had come all the way. I explained that I tried to let her know earlier but she wasn’t in the staff room. Anyway, she agreed to go in at 8.50 am instead. THANK YOU Pn. Shahril! 😀

I am glad that I managed to fit everything that I had planned into one period. Of course, I only managed to carry out the “input” part of the lesson, but I had planned for more guidance and scaffolding during the lesson. A lot of the next period would be on giving them ideas on what to reply, and also for them to begin writing the letter so they could ask me questions immediately when they encountered problems. However, I was unable to guide them as much as I did for 1 Buck, but hopefully, they had enough input to be able to write the letter on their own. :/

I had just finished marking 1 Buck’s reply letters today and most of them did pretty well, except for one or two students who still seemed not to have mastered prepositions of time >.< I requested them to rewrite the letters! Too bad, but otherwise, they won’t learn, would they? @.@

We’ll see how 1 Best does without as much scaffolding. Somehow, I have a bad feeling that it may not turn out very well, but hopefully, it’s not what I think. >.<

Anyway, I am extremely thankful that I could enter class for one period today. Then I don’t have to postpone my lesson! YAY! 😀


1. Handout 17A (Informal letter)

Day #32 – 17 Apr 2012

As I mentioned earlier, today, I was involved in the Teachers’ Debate in conjunction with Teacher’s Day 2012, which our school is hosting. I just realized that it was the debate for national level, with teachers from schools from different states! Those who came today were from Kedah, Johor and Wilayah 🙂 How interesting! 😀

It would be my first time watching the teachers’ debate, and I was actually looking forward to it. Of course I was involved in the English debate, although the BM one was going on at the same time in the hall, while ours was in the Audio-Visual Room (I didn’t even know we had one! @.@). Today was the semi-finals, and tomorrow will be the FINALS! 😀

Initially, Sun and I were supposed to be only in charge of the quarantine rooms, according to the task list. But Cikgu Mazira said that the pretty young practical teachers (us! haha~) should be the “face” of the school when the visitors come, apparently. @.@ So, Sun and I were re-assigned as timekeepers for the debate.

I thought, Okay, timekeepers, shouldn’t be too difficult, I guess? But when it was the time for briefing, and there were so many other teachers who seemed to be very important people, and they took the debate very very very seriously, to the point that Sun and I were rather terrified. We had no idea about the rules, because we were not that familiar with debate. Even Sun, even  though she’s been helping to train the school debate team.

We were unsure of when to ring the bell, how many times, at which minute, and when to show the cards, was it a countdown or a count-up? @.@ So during the briefing we were quite silent and wide-eyed, so afraid of missing something out and messing up the debate. Not only would that possibly affect the outcome of the debate, it might make us, and the school look bad! Of course we didn’t want that! >.< Thankfully, we managed to clear things up during the briefing, and after having talked to our House Speaker.

Even though all we had to do was keep track of the time, ring the bell, flash the “minutes-remaining” cards and note the debaters’ speaking length, we were very nervous. So afraid of making a mistake. @.@

But in the end, everything went well. After the first two speakers, Sun and I were able to work like clockwork and did not make any mistakes at all! Phew! However, glancing at the stopwatch every few seconds or so made it difficult for me to concentrate on the debate, which I would have liked to. Still, I managed to enjoy the debate very much. Both teams had very good speakers, and it was no surprise why all of them are up there, representing their respective states for the teachers’ national level debate.

Quite a number of the members of the team were very young teachers, and all had very good control of the language. Plus, it was inspiring to watch them debate. I found myself nodding at a lot of what they said, agreeing. 😀

Anyway, it was a relief when the debate was over. Such a load off my mind! But I’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow for the finals! @.@

Choral Speaking practice today was………relatively good, I’d say. I was unable to stay with them yesterday (due to reasons I have explained in an earlier post) so suddenly, today, they had certainly improved a lot from when I saw them last week! Sure, they weren’t completely together yet, and there were still a lot of kinks to be ironed out (within a week! Yikes!) but it was still great to see such good progress! 😀 I felt quite enthusiastic about it, and praised them for their improvement. Still, I gave them certain points to focus on, parts where they needed to work on a bit.

The last two stanzas, especially, were not completely smooth yet. I think they have practised the beginning part so much that they’re quite okay already. It’s the last two stanzas that they reallyyyyy need to work on. And the uniformity of their actions, and their style. Hopefully we’ll be able to work all that out by this week 🙂

IF they do okay, I might consider asking Cikgu Mazira if they can perform during assembly next week. Maybe that will give them the training ground, and the “feel” for the competition. 😀

Good practice, today! I’m feeling quite optimistic! 😉

I am involved in the national level teachers’ debate in conjunction with Teacher’s Day 2012. Which I did not really mind, except for the fact that I would be missing my classes! @.@

I was quite upset about that, since I had everything all nicely planned out in my record book, and now everything has to be messed up again >.< Plus, I made it so that 1 Buck and 1 Best would be on par, and that would make my teaching easier. However, it seems that 1 Best will be rather behind in work, compared to 1 Buck. 😦

Anyway, while I missed out on 1 Best’s period today, I managed to enter 1 Buck because it was the last period of the day! Yay! 😀

Unfortunately, the students weren’t exactly very happy to see me 😦

Earlier this morning, I had given both 1 Best and 1 Buck a note giving them instructions on what to do during my English period when a relief teacher enters. I had planned to teach them adverbs of manner today, on the topic How We Do Things from the text book. Thankfully, it is a one-period lesson, and one which is pretty simple for them, I’m sure. So I actually gave them instructions to copy the formation rules from the text book, try out a short passage, and for extra practice, I’d given them a short passage to complete with the right adverbs.

1 Best had had to do it on their own, I suppose. But since I managed to enter 1 Buck, I would be able to teach them!

Like I said, unfortunately, they did not look very happy to see me in the class :/ I guess they were expecting a free period, and who knew? I was back.

I completely understand, though. At 1.50 pm in the afternoon, being the last period of the day, they were all just tired out and sleepy. And the hot weather and glaring sun outside did not really help, either. But I asked them to give me their cooperation anyway, because it was pretty simple work, and I really had to teach. I couldn’t just not teach, although one of the students suggested it! >.<

So, I started off by asking them to watch me, in the front of the class, very carefully.

First, I walked very slowly.

Then, for the second time, I walked quickly.

So, I asked them, “I walked in two ways, right? How did I walk?” I prompted them until they could give me the words: slowly and quickly. So I asked them what these words can tell us about the action? And they said, “How we do it.” Which is absolutely right! 😀 So I wrote “How We Do Things” on the board.

I explained a little about the rules, which are really simple as compared to Past Tense, since there are only two:

1. Add -ly to descriptive words. Example: politely, rudely, patiently

2. Change the ‘y’ to -ily for words ending in ‘y’. Example: angrily, happily

Then I made them copy the next part of the “headmaster’s word of advice” and tried it out together with the class first. I wrote the answers on the board for them as well.

Then, finally, I gave them the handouts and asked them to try it on their own. But since we had time, I also discussed the answers in the class with them. I found that, despite today being a single-period lesson, I still had plenty of time left over. Maybe because this topic is pretty simple and they didn’t seem to have much problems with it. I made them copy the notes and passage into their Grammar & Vocabulary books, and paste the handouts straight away. I reminded them to quickly paste them because I do not want to see any of them get lost.

I also find that making them do the work in the class immediately also keeps the class quieter. Plus, I hope they understand that I’m trying to help them by not leaving them with so much homework to do! @.@

Anyway, just collected their Writing books—plenty to mark tonight! T.T Even though I am exhausted from today’s practice and everything, I’ll try to finish marking them, if I can.



1. Handout 20A (Adverbs of Manner)