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Day #41 – 27 Apr 2012

Was nervous about today for one reason, and one reason only: getting the LCD projector for my lesson with 1 Buck.

Luck was not on my side today :/

The portable was not under Cikgu Mas Yanti’s table, and she did not know who was having it either. I asked Mdm. Gouri if she was having it (because, besides me, only she and one other teacher, Pn. Aini, uses the portable LCD quite often) but she had not seen it since the day before yesterday too!

So, I kinda panicked. I did not really have a back-up plan. I mean, I knew that this might happen, but my back-up was just to get students to talk about the activities and games they played in school—which is just plain boring! >.< The video would just be really perfect! ARGHHHHHHHHH. How frustrating when you know there’s nothing you can do! T.T

Then I had an idea to just play the video anyway, but play it only my laptop. Sure, the screen would be sooooo much smaller and they might have difficulty watching it, but I had Sun’s speakers so at least they’d be able to hear the video and the music. Anyway, the class is about 25-strong, which isn’t TOO large a class. Of course, with a class of 40 students, that would be out of the question. But 20-plus students? It might still be alright if I got the boys to sit on the floor in the middle of the classroom.

Thankfully, things went well. They were noisy, as always, and very rowdy, and kept laughing very loudly at everything and anything. But the lesson went quite well I think. The students were quite cooperative and could stand up and give me reasons why they like school.

I was able to finish the lesson early too! And also decided to play the video again for them, just to reward them 😀

Anddddd I took the chance to play the Mr. Nobody video that the others hand missed the other time round, and which I had tried over and over again to show them via the portable LCD, but was unlucky EACH TIME.

Sometimes, I really hate having to use the LCD because things like this happen. But then again, without the video, the lesson would be too dry and boring. And once in a while, they need something to look forward to, that is exciting and out-of-routine.

They really seemed to enjoy the video and laughed loudly at the practical jokes, much like 1 Best did 🙂 As long as they’re laughing at something related to the lesson, I’m alright.

It’s when they laugh at some private joke, and non-stop too, at that, that I find it reallyyyyyy annoying! >.<

I think I managed to be much clearer in my instructions for Development 2 with 1 Buck than I was with 1 Best. I think I was a little bit rushed with 1 Best the other day, and didn’t emphasize enough on the linking words. But I did with 1 Buck 🙂 Which is great!

Anyway, good lesson today. A great end to the week! 😀


p.s: I was really happy to be able to go back early today. No Choral Speaking practice! 😀 (Thank you, Dr. Melor :P)


Day #40 – 26 Apr 2012

I was carrying out the same lesson I had with 1 Best during my observation, since it is the last lesson on Mr. Nobody, the poem.

The first activity was Match the Meaning. I used the same ten flashcards that I had with 1 Best, and wrote the ten word meanings on the board. I called on individual students to paste the words next to its correct meaning.

I had not realized though, that there were quite a number who weren’t really sure, until the lesson. And it was only then that I remembered that many of them weren’t around during the first lesson that I had done on Mr. Nobody—the Rhyme and Meaning, in which I had also explained all of the vocabulary that I was now testing them on.

Apparently, quite a number of them did not really know the meaning of blinds, although I had previously discussed in other lessons. So I used this opportunity to discuss and explain the words that they seemed to have difficulty with, and hopefully, they’d be able to catch up. 🙂

Oh, but the great thing about today’s lesson was that, for the second activity, I had reflected on 1 Best’s lesson and had realized that I had made a mistake and that the handout was not as simple as I had thought because the students could not do a direct lift from the poem in order to fill in the blanks. Most of the 1 Best students had problems with them. They could not really modify the forms of the words in order to truly fit the blanks.

For example, in the poem, it says, “We never leave the blinds unclosed / To let the curtains fade”, which actually means that the persona is accusing Mr. Nobody of leaving the blinds open all the time until the curtains have faded. So, when the exercise in the handout says, “You never __________ the __________” it should be correctly filled with “close” and “blinds”, which the 1 Best students seemed to struggle with.

However, that was not the case with 1 Buck. They were all able to respond correctly, without me prompting them much! I had expected them to have some difficulty, and therefore was already waiting with my marker open so I could write on the board. It was not necessary at all! 😀 They were able to finish the handout fairly quickly, as compared to 1 Best. I had had to go picture by picture and ask them to first describe what was in the picture, locate the relevant section in the poem, before we could move on to the blanks.

I did not have to do that with 1 Buck. Although I started off with, “What can you see in the picture?” I realized that they were giving me the answers to the blanks, and they were correct! So I saw no need to do the same step-by-step I had done with 1 Best. Plus, after I reminded them about the SVA issue (subject altered from “He” to “You” and therefore changes the verb form from “scatters pins” to “scatter pins” etc.), they were able to provide the correct answers for all the pictures in the handout.

Unfortunately, though most were able to complete the practice worksheet, I did not have time to go through the practice and discuss it with them.

Which means that when they hand in their Literature books tomorrow, it’s gonna be a lot harder to correct (since I have to check them one by one)! >.<

An okay lesson—much easier to handle than 1 Best the other day. Had plenty of time once again to go around and check their work, as well as remind them to get all their handouts and work in order to handed in tomorrow with their journals.

Anyway, I am supposed to play the “My Generasi” video for 1 Buck tomorrow, just as I had done with 1 Best. However, when I talked to Cikgu Mas Yanti earlier today, she said that she is so sorry that she cannot really guarantee that I can have the portable tomorrow because, whoever has taken the portable LCD without her permission, has not returned it yet. So she cannot hand it to me for safekeeping.

Oh dear, I really hope that I can play the video for them tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll have to figure out a back-up plan in case there is no video. I am afraid for that, because poor 1 Buck has been missing out on all the videos  I play in class. Hopefully they’ll be able to watch this one. I’m sure they would enjoy it if they did! 😀

I’ll just pray really really hard that whoever has taken the portable LCD has at least silently returned it to Cikgu Mas’s place. Please please pleaseeeee. I would really hate to disappoint the kids. Again. 😦

Day #39 – 25 Apr 2012

I was a little excited for class today because I was going to be showing 1 Best the video “My Generasi” that I personally really, really like! 😀

I knew they’d love the video. I just prayed and hoped that there would be no problems getting the LCD projector again >.< I had already informed Cikgu Mas Yanti, so hopefully the portable would be available for my second and third period lesson 🙂

I lugged my laptop, borrowed Sun’s speakers, and went to get the portable LCD from Mdm Gouri (who was using it just before) on the top floor and headed to class. I was about 5 minutes late for class, though. So I rushed to set up everything.

The class got a little noisy and excited when they saw me carrying all the equipment into class. Which should have been a warning for me. Well, I closed the doors, turned off the lights, and started the video. They really enjoyed it! They were laughing aloud (a little too loud, I was worried @.@) at the practical jokes etc. As I walked at the back of the class, I was glad that they were really enjoying the video.

When the video ended and I told them to get into pairs and share with their friend about things they like about school, they started groaning and asked me to play the video again. When I explained that no, we had to carry on with the lesson and do some work now, and that only if there was time at the end we could play it again, they grumbled loudly and refused to do the activity I had instructed them to.

I got really annoyed. I scolded them for their attitude. I said that if this was their attitude, that they were only going to pay attention for the 6 minutes that the video was playing, and then just play and goof around, then I will not show them any videos anymore. What was the reason for the video? Because it was related to the topic. It’s related to the lesson today. How could they actually expect that I’d be showing them nothing but videos for an hour?

I was really annoyed and angry with their attitude. And I had had just about enough of their don’t-care attitude when it comes to learning, especially in my class. Maybe it is really just my own fault that I don’t know how to handle them, but seriously, sometimes it gets a little too far. I’m all for having fun in class too, but some learning has to take place, and that can’t happen unless you actually discuss, share, think about and practise certain things!

They’re just too young to see how ridiculous they’re being when they’re just all play and no work. They’re going to be in trouble one day, if they don’t change their ways :/ But to be fair, not all of them are like that. It’s mainly a group of the boys that are really ticking me off. >.<

Plus, one of the boys, Nash, gave me some trouble today. After I had cooled down and got them to share with their partners, I had asked Nash, and Fathi, his partner, to share about one reason they like school. Nash, even though I stood there at the front for about 5 minutes practically begging him to come to the front to share, absolutely refused to come forward. Flatly refused. I even told him that it’s okay if he didn’t know what to say—he could still just come forward and I’d help him say what he wanted to.

But no. He absolutely refused.

I made him stand in a corner at the back, and stare at the board. Even then, he managed to disrupt the class several times during the lesson, goofing around at the back with the dustpan and cupboard and whatnot. ARGH. I was so mad at him >.<

(I later on had a chance to talk to him, and made him promise me that he’d work a little harder in class. Because I honestly think he’s a smart kid, but he just doesn’t try hard enough. He doesn’t bother about his work, he refuses to participate and cooperate in class. Hopefully, he’ll change a little, because I think he can do wayyyyyy better than this! >.<)

Anyway, I called on students to give one reason why they like school and listed them on the board. Then I taught them to write a short paragraph on three reasons “Why I Enjoy Going to School Today” using linking words like “One reason is that….”, “Another reason is that….” and “Yet another reason is that….” I also gave them a checklist in order to complete writing the short paragraph, although they didn’t seem to need it:

1. Facts to support

2. Linking words

3. Check for errors in:

– Grammar

– Spelling

– Punctuation

Then they wrote it in their Writing books, and paste the checklist there too.

Done! 😀

And since we had a liiiiiittle time left, I played the video again, just to make up for my nagging earlier. :/ Aheh.

In retrospect, this lesson has really made me reconsider showing them videos in class, because maybe it really is becoming more of a disadvantage than an advantage. They get too distracted by it and lose focus on what we’re really learning. Then again, without a video once in a while, they might be a little bored too. Sigh. :/ Also, I might need to revamp the “discuss-with-a-pair-then-present” method that I keep using in class. Pair work seems to not really work for this class. I don’t know why. They don’t seem to really want to do it, sometimes. I get that feeling, you know? Hm, may have to figure out another way of presenting what they discuss in pairs that is more interesting, or  do away with the pair-discussion method. Will see.

Day #38 – 24 Apr 2012

I’m a bit worried now. There’s still no official letter for when the Choral Speaking competition is going to be held! @.@

It was supposed to be this Friday, but only recently Cikgu Mazira told me that there was no black-and-white from the Education Department, and a teacher from the school which is supposed to be hosting it said that even they haven’t gotten any confirmation as of yet. So, for certain, the competition is going to be postponed.

The question is, to when? >.<

Practice was as usual today. I managed to snap a few shots of them! 😀

With 1 Buck, I had carried out the same lesson.

But this time, because the Set Induction hadn’t really worked in 1 Best, so I decided to modify it a little bit and see if it worked better. So instead of just announcing, “I want to take my bag,” and “I am going back now,” I wrote them on the board first, and then read them out as: /aɪ wɔnt tə teɪk maɪ bæk/ and /aɪ əm goʊɪŋ bæg næʊ/. Then I asked them if it was right. Why not? “Because it doesn’t make sense!” They were actually able to provide me with the expected answer! So, YAY! I guess the modification worked and so did the set induction! 😀

I moved on to the next activity, which was reading out the pairs of words from the textbook page 73. And also for the extra minimal pairs that I introduced, like: pick/pig (they were soooooo excited to pronounce the word “pig” =.=), Kate/gate, cap/gap and lock/log.

One thing was that they, especially the boys, were just too happy in this lesson. Every time I pronounced a word and told them to emphasize the /k/ and /g/, they kept laughing and laughing and making fun of each other! I guess they were just a little more energetic than usual today and found everything funny :/ They even laughed when I called on one of the boys and he over-emphasized on the /k/ in “lock” >.< I told them to quit it.

For this class, I was more conscious of the time, and somehow managed to write out the four sentences I had pre-planned for them that contained those words with /k/ and /g/ for them to try out, individually. The sentences were:

1. The weather is very cold.

2. My necklace is made of gold.

3. Did you take my bag?

4. We are going back now.

Everyone did rather well! 😀

Then, of course, was the singing. I also told them a little bit about the background story, but surprisingly, a couple of students from this class had actually watched, or heard about the movie. None from 1 Best had. :/

Anyway, we repeated the lines of the modified lyrics, then I sang for them as well. They, too, gave me applause! 😀 And, also, for the second time today, they suggested that I joined the DigiLive performance competition! haha~ Hey, if I could qualify, I just might! The grand prize is certainly very tempting! 😉

They were also excited about the idea of a FB group. Just like with 1 Best, I told them to add me, Cikgu Lisa Kwan, on Facebook so I could add them to the group. At the moment, the beginning seems a little slow. Not as many of the students have added me as I thought there would be. Strange, I thought they’d be all excited about this! @.@ It’s either:

(a) they’ve forgotten about it, or

(b) they’re really not all that interested about this as I had expected them to be :/

Still, it is in the early stages yet. Hopefully, when this picks up steam, this could really be something fun and interesting for them to practise their English! 😀

Anyway, from today’s lesson, I discovered that there are quite a number of boys in this class who can actually sing! Hamzah and Haris actually came forward to sing the song together with me! And, they are actually quite good! I only sang the song once and they were able to catch it! 😀 Not bad, not bad at all! 😉

This makes me feel that maybe I should incorporate music and songs into the lesson, if I can. It seems to be their area of interest 🙂 Great lesson! 😀

I was a little nervous for today’s lesson.


Because I was going to sing. @.@

Well, today was a single-period lesson with 1 Best, and so I had reserved it for a Grammar lesson. When I was planning today’s lesson last week, I saw the section on Speak Well. In most of the chapters, we tend to skip that part, because there were just too many other things to cover in the couple of weeks on a particular chapter. But this time, since I had finished all the other grammar aspects in this chapter, I decided to do it with them. Work on phonemes /k/ and /g/.

For the Set Induction, I announced, “I want to take my bag,” and “I am going back now,” but said it as: /aɪ wɔnt tə teɪk maɪ bæk/ and /aɪ əm goʊɪŋ bæg næʊ/. Then I asked them if they understood me. Most of them were just confused. “Cikgu, tak faham la!” Aikz. A little embarrassing. But I laughed it off. I guess I wasn’t clear enough. Anyway, I finally led them to say it wasn’t the right way of pronouncing it, and that sounds like /k/ and /g/ need to be pronounced clearly and accurately so that people can understand what we are saying.

Then we tried out the words given in the textbook on page 73. I read the words out loud, emphasizing on the /k/ and /g/ and made them repeat after me. They kept laughing and talking too much, that I was practically shouting over their noise to be heard. I threatened to deduct some of their group points and that shut them up a bit. :/ I also went through the meanings with some of the words that I thought they might not know, like “gilt”. I couldn’t really describe it, so I had to check the meaning in the English-Malay dictionary. Which reminds me: I have to tell them what it means tomorrow. @.@

Then I gave my own minimal pairs for them to try out. I called on individual students to pronounce them for the rest of the class to hear and gave them points for trying. Pairs like: pick/pig, Kate/gate, cap/gap and lock/log, where the /k/ and /g/ sounds are found in both initial and final positions of the words 🙂 Unfortunately, that left me with not much time to read out the sentences I had prepared beforehand that contained some of these words.

I moved on to the next part, which was learning to sing the song. Now, the textbook had modified the lyrics for part of the song of “These are a Few of My Favourite Things” from the movie The Sound of Music. I told them a bit about the story, and then had them read out the lines given in the textbook, again focusing on the /k/ and /g/s. I think the modified lyrics is quite cute! 😀

a sock with a hole so my big toe can dig in

cute little girls and gaggles of geese

cuddly kittens and kids in kebayas

These are a few of my favourite things

Please tell me you know the song! Or at least, have watched the movie before? It’s a classic! @.@

Anyway, after reading it out loud, line by line with the students, I told them I was going to sing for them! I was a little nervous, but strangely, also not really. 😉 After I sang it, the kids clapped! haha~ They said that I was good, and told me to take part in the DigiLive performance competition (just that morning a rep from Digi had told them about a competition where they had a chance to win RM8000 grand prize!)

I was a little shy, but I did bask in their admiration, just for a little while. 😉 Then I told them a secret: that when I was in school, I actually won first place for the school’s Mewah Idol singing competition! 😀

Anyway, I made them all sing the song a few times with me, then asked them to give themselves a round of applause for their participation 🙂

Then, I finally told them about the Facebook Group I had just created (using a separate “teacher account” on Facebook to protect my privacy) for their class to discuss or share things with each other on learning English. Most of them seemed excited. Yet, I had a couple of students in the class who did not have FB accounts, or internet at home. I still haven’t figured out how to settle that yet :/

For now, I am not going to be giving them homework or compulsory tasks on the FB group, just additional discussions on class-related topics that they can participate in to encourage more English usage 🙂 I’m piloting this with the Form One students. Hopefully, it works out! 😀

btw, one of my students, Dayang Aisyah, made and gave this to me! Awww, I was so touched! How sweet is that? 😉

p.s: I discovered that one of the kids had copied an essay from another. I was very upset and disappointed, and even more shocked to find out who it was. I talked to him, and he promised never to do it again. I hope he’s learned his lesson. 😦

Day #37 – 23 Apr 2012

Had Choral Speaking practice today, as usual.

But what was UNUSUAL was that…….I kinda got mad and left them to their own devices, mid-practice. @.@

Well, you see, what happened was this. They were practising as usual, going through the script from beginning to end, and timing themselves (we’re still about half a minute short! >.<).

But I had just gotten the Choral Speaking Competition rules and Adjudication Scoring Sheets from Cikgu Mazira recently, and had brought it to practice to let them see. So I explained that 50% of the marks is allocated for “Pronunciation” and “Enunciation”—which is a LOT. And frankly, their pronunciation and enunciation is really not very satisfactory. They tend to swallow their words a lot. And they keep pronouncing sounds like in “The” and “This” as “Di:” and “Dis”, you know? >.<

So I actually wanted to go through with them, line-by-line, and help them with their pronunciation. Correcting them at parts where I felt they were not pronouncing them properly, and making them repeat the line until I was satisfied. However, I found that they kept on talking and laughing whenever I was talking. I had to practically shout to be heard over their noise. Many times I caught students not listening to me. I would ask, “Are you listening?” and they would say, “Yes!” But when I asked them, “What did I say?” they could not answer me. I reprimanded a few of the boys for that.

I told them that if they thought they were better at this than I am, and they could do this all by themselves, then alright then, I should just let them work it out on their own. Practise on their own, okay?


So they continued, and I continued checking their pronunciation, and stopping them at parts where I felt needed work. I explained to them the right way of pronouncing the line, and strained my voice again to be heard.

At one point, I realized I was basically talking to myself.

I spoke to the half of the group I was referring to earlier. “Are you listening?” Immediately, they nodded and said, “Yes.” Again, I asked them, “Then what did I say?” And nobody could reply me.

That was the last straw. Here I was trying my best to help them, when I could very easily just sit in the corner and do my own work, or better yet, just sit in the nice air-conditioned staff room and just come check on them once in an hour or half. But nobody is even bothering to listen! >.<

I told them, “Alright then, I think that’s enough. I’m really tired, and I think you can practise on your own without me. Azizah (the conductor), could you please take over? I’m going back up to the staff room, and I will come check on you again in a while, okay?” I said all this while packing my things and walking towards the steps to the lift.

I know. What a dramatic exit, right?

Still, I was a little fed-up. I was tired and exhausted and annoyed that every day I am staying back to help them and this is their attitude—no respect and they don’t even listen to me anyway. So why should I bother? >.<

Yet, immediately after my exit, I felt better, and regretted sulking like that. =.=

Barely five minutes later, two students (Dhiya and Ashraaf) came to apologize to me after that, and asked if I was okay. I told them I was, that I was not angry at all of them, in fact, not really angry at all. It’s just that I was tired and it is difficult when I have to strain my voice just to be heard, and they were not really even paying attention. So I told them to carry on and that I would come check on them just before 5.00 pm 🙂

When I returned, they all came to salam me and apologize for their behaviour earlier. It felt a little awkward and I actually felt slightly bad for sulking off like that. Still, you have to say that it was getting a little bit too over now, wasn’t it? @.@ And besides, it wasn’t the first time I’ve realized they don’t listen to me because they’re too busy talking/laughing >.<

Anyway, all’s well now. 🙂 They still have a long way to go, but for now, I think they’re doing all right 😀

Guess what?

Dr. Melor came to observe us today—SURPRISE!!!!! @.@

Well, Sun and I had been expecting that she would have to surprise-visit us, since she is so busy. Poor, Dr. 😦 She barely has time to eat, from the looks of it. And her phone is always ringing. I wonder if she really truly rests, even when she’s at home :/ (Maybe that’s one of the cons of having a Smart/Internet phone. You’re always contactable, 24/7, and you have no excuse! >.<)

Anyway, I had the shock of my life when I saw Dr. talking to Sun when I came back from my relief class with 4 Set. All I saw of her at first, was the back of her tudung. When I finally saw her face, my jaw dropped. And Sun laughed at me T.T

She had just observed Sun in 4 Buck and planned on observing me in 1 Best later, after first rushing over to Precinct 9(1) to observe Dexter. (Like I said, busy busy bee! @.@)

I guess it was a good thing to find out about her entering my class later, slightly earlier, as compared to how she entered Sun’s class in the middle of her Development 2 activity! But it really made me antsy and nervous those couple of hours before my class. Granted, I was busy marking some dictation work I did with my relief earlier, and that took my mind off it a bit. Still.

Thankfully, I had some teaching aids for this class, and quite a number of handouts. Phew! 😀

I truly want to thank God for taking away my anxiety and nervousness. I mean, I was nervous, but not nearly as nervous as I had expected to be. I knew in my heart that Sun and I had nothing to worry about. We have always been diligently doing our work, preparing our lesson plans, and giving our best when we are teaching, every single day, every single lesson. We had nothing to fear. Besides, I knew that Dr. is a very compassionate, rational and understanding person. I knew that if I had messed up, I would be able to tell her honestly that I had, and know that she would be able to see where I was coming from, my circumstances, and still give me her honest opinions and suggestions. Also, if this wasn’t the time to learn from my mistakes, when is?

I entered the class slightly earlier, since I knew there was no teacher in 1 Best the time before my lesson. I made sure they had a table and seat ready for Dr. when she came. I informed the class that my lecturer was here to observe me. I did not want them to act in any way out of character, because that would seem unnatural, for both them and myself. But I told them that I hoped that they would at least be on their best behaviour to give Dr. a good impression 🙂

I waited a few minutes, but Dr. seemed to have not returned from Precinct 9(1) yet, so I began my lesson. I was almost done with my Set Induction part when Dr. arrived. I asked Aswad to get the class to greet her (and Dr. gave him a thumbs-up when he said, “Good morning, Dr.!” xD) For the Set Induction, we had recapped what we had learned in the previous lesson. Today was the final lesson on Mr. Nobody, the poem—on Vocabulary and Actions. As I wrote the meanings of words on the board, I made them revise the vocabulary that we had learned from the poem.

I made flashcards for them, and made volunteers come up to the front to paste the words onto the board with blue tack. There were ten words with the meanings (taken from Rani, K.M. 2011):

1. funny: strange

2. mischief: harm or trouble

3. ajar: slightly open

4. squeak: make a short, sharp, high-pitched noise

5. damp: slightly wet

6. soil: make dirty

7. mislaid: missing or misplaced

8. tosses: throws carelessly

9. fade: to lost colour

10. blinds: coverings for the window that can be pulled up or down

The activity took less time than I had expected. So I had plenty of time for the next activity. I provided the handouts that showed pictures of the actions that Mr. Nobody is accused of doing. They were supposed to refer to the poem and fill in the blanks with the right words. I had not realized that they would have some trouble with this. This is because the fill-in-the-blanks exercise was not an exact lift from the poem. They were going to have to modify the form of the words.

First, because in the poem, the third person singular is used, “He”, but in the handout, since it is in the form of accusations, the subject “You” is used. Therefore, this affects the verbs because “He scatters” but “You scatter“. I had to revise a little bit of SVA with them before proceeding.

Second, because it is not an exact lift from the poem. For example, in the poem, it says, “We never leave the blinds unclosed / To let the curtains fade.” Which implies that Mr. Nobody always leaves them open, right? In the handout, the blanks are: “You never _________ the ___________.” where ‘close’ and ‘blinds’ are expected to be filled in the blanks. This requires a little higher level language skills: to interpret meaning and re-form the sentences. I had not expected that difficulty when planning the lesson because I had assumed they would be able to get it.

So students kept asking me questions and I kept running around from one student’s table to another as they called me for help. But when we were discussing the answers to the handout, I tried to guide them as much as I could: by referring to the pictures, to the poem and trying, once again, to understand the meaning first.

By the way, this is also the first time where students weren’t walking around the class like nobody’s business during my lesson! When they wanted to ask me questions, they actually raised their hands and waited patiently in their seats for me to get around to them! I was quite shocked to see that, but smiled secretly to myself. Dr’s presence definitely makes a difference! 😀

Anyway, after that, I had so much time left over that I also decided to do, and discuss the practice worksheet with them, although it was initially planned to be as a subsequent task. Still, they had time to do it on their own, and still, we were able to discuss all the answers. And from their responses, it seems that they were able to answer almost all the questions right! Which means that, YAY! I think they got it! 😉

I was quite nervous for Dr’s comments after the lesson, because personally, I felt the lesson was a little dull and uninteresting, especially since it is a Literature lesson with no ICT aids. However, Dr had nothing but praise and good comments. She gave me a “Well-done job!” in my Record Book! :’D And practically had no other comments but on what a “superb” job I did! :’)

Frankly, though, I think she was being far tooooooo nice and lenient. I mean, I know I wasn’t TERRIBLE, but was it really SUPERB? @.@ *shrugs* Still, thank you so much, Dr, for saying that! It certainly feels good to hear that, especially from you 😀

She had gone through all my past lessons in my Record Book, checked through them and signed it. She told me that she liked the way I was critical of myself and my teaching, and she could see a progress, even if it is merely in terms of my confidence and class management 😀

I hope that I can always remain critical of myself and subsequently improve my teaching. Because I know, not only is that for my own personal betterment, but also for the benefit of my students 🙂

A good lesson today, if a little dry and boring. Still, I am thankful for Dr. because she is truly so AWESOME! I know nobody might believe me when I say this, because they’ll say that I’m just saying it because she is my supervisor, but I sincerely mean it when I say that it is truly a blessing to have been given Dr. Melor as my supervisor. Certain things happened last semester that actually eventually led me to her. For that, I can only thank God 🙂

Thank you so much, Dr, for a very pleasant first observation! Hope to see you again, next week! 😀


p.s: I wish I had taken a photo with Dr. today so I could post it up here! *sigh* 😦



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